Plane evacuating Americans from Diamond Princess cruise ship denied permission to land l ABC News

Chaos erupted overseas as people in Ukraine have protested the arrival of evacuees from China as the number of coronavirus cases worldwide approaches 77,000.

Hundreds of Chinese inmates infected with novel coronavirus as outbreak spreads to prisons:

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40 thoughts on “Plane evacuating Americans from Diamond Princess cruise ship denied permission to land l ABC News

  1. this was this biggest hoax and propaganda we ever seen. every goverment official ia in on it. this was a global plan to bankrupt the federal resserve. 30 ceo's stepped down before this virus hit. i guess u can do anything with money when u run world leaders, own all the media outlit and press, run all the journalist and writters to push this hoax on the world. they even had the money to back up italy for the shutdown.

  2. Notice if you Google 5g tower coverage on a world map. Its damn near identical as the map they just showed of the Coronavirus spread. Or you can Google Corona virus spread on a world map.

    COVID=KOBE in Hebrew Kobe has a tattoo of a crown (Corona) and burried at Corona del Mar 🤔

  3. I overheard someone wondering if you'd be more likely to get off the Diamond Princess without Coronavirus or get off the sinking Titanic in a lifeboat.

  4. I bet Democrats downvoted this video because they think it’s racist. Your party has something that effects your mind like down syndrome, accept its much much worse.

  5. Should've set the boat on fire with all the diseased people on board, blow it up, run into an iceberg, something. Only way to kill a virus is to burn it. Sorry not sorry.

  6. Diamond Princes is not a Japanese ship. The flag and captain are in the UK, and the operation is in the United States. The doctor who delivered the video is a leftist philosophy, and has not stayed on board for two hours!

  7. I don't care where they go but keep. Them out of the USA!! send them all where it come from China and let them work it out… It's a praying time

  8. by the numbers they are showing the mortality rate is around 2%…. people really need to put their information into perspective and stop being paranoid about this virus, its no worse than the common flu wich kills way more people per year, one day this virus may be in every country, and we will just treat it like the common cold virus, Everyone is scared cause its NEW, and media and goverments have represented the whole thing as scary and very dangerous when its just a fucking regular cold, some people get it worse than others, and some die, thats a cold

  9. If it's the fact that party is held after discovering the situation and negative on the inspection in incubation period, isolation on the ship is not cause of spread of infection. At least, Japan has no immigration facilities on remote islands, so quarantine on the ship is necessary. Some people abuse it as human rights violations, ( and the prospect of vaccine development is on the horizon), so Jpn gov released estimated virus carrier. But I think they did well. Port of call refused was impossible because most of passengers are Japanese, initial response had to be based on unknown virus data from that CHINA, and UK gov (this ship flies UK flag) & Carnival Corp. (US company) are in silence.

  10. Initially, the United States requested Japan to keep Diamond Princess American passengers on board. There is a fact that. America's media are emotionally blaming Japan, but that's a big mistake. What accused Japan would return to them as boomerangs.

  11. The read more link does not actually contain information on this story. I wish that news agencies would at least provide transcripts on the youtube page when they release articles solely in video format. I can read in seconds what takes several minutes to say, and for drastically less bandwidth.

  12. I live in Oklahoma. Ain't no way I'm going to work with all this going on. There's a 1 in 400 billion chance I could die! Of course the better chance is getting hit by a city sized asteroid at home. So delima delima.

  13. To the American bloke sorry but grow up. You were lucky you were in Japan a good country that could help you. As much as it was a mistake keeping all the passengers on the ship but hopefully it something we can learn from it. I say if this virus was three times as deadly you all would have been kept on the ship and probably all dead by now with armed Japanese soldiers on the pear and police ready to shoot you if necessary. That is also the American way.

  14. even though some countries dont have the covid-19. you still have to worry about your health, there are many other viruses, not only the covid-19.

  15. 25 years later…. humans have evaporated from the face of the earth… wildlife and nature has begun reclaiming the earth… the only surviving nation: North Korea, where Kim is worshipped as a god as they begin to repopulate the earth and repeat the cycle~

  16. They were all infected before quarantine. Were the later infections all passengers in balcony suits? Or down the path of airvents?

  17. I hope Ukraine Survives this virus! They have more Balls than Americans who failed to riot when the Evacuees and Quarantine Breaker just flew in!

  18. Who named this "carona virus"???? Where did it come from???? Who was the first one infected???? What city did it start in????? Can someone…. anyone, answer these questions!

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