New Orleans Prepares For Hurricane Ida’s Impact

Hurricane Ida will make landfall in 24 hours, 16 years to the day from Hurricane Katrina. Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana have issued a state of emergency ahead of the potential category four storm.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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New Orleans Prepares For Hurricane Ida’s Impact


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37 thoughts on “New Orleans Prepares For Hurricane Ida’s Impact

  1. The past few years have been unbelievably crazy. I just hope people were able to endure the storm. I would still love to visit New Orleans, one of the things I love about the city is it’s vintage-style architecture.

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  3. this is my first time in a hurricane.. told it was no big deal.. i tied my dogs to the tree.. i left them a bowl of food and water… then we left.. dogs should be ok right?

  4. Mother Gaia already dish out some hurt I wish we could just take care of this planet just a little bit better but a lot of people are very selfish they don’t stand by their word the religion anything anymore goodbye take care

  5. Please, go look at a doppler map people. downtown New Orleans isn't going to be pounded for two hours with continuous 140mph winds like the cry wolf media terrorists make it sound. Yes there will be damage. Yes there will be gusts over 100mph in the immediate city, but the outskirts stand to fair far worse then the actual city does, in terms of continuous high speed winds and damage. most wind speeds in the city continuous will be about 60 -70 mph. still not a joke, but not quite the apocalypse the depraved media propagandists are hoping for. gusts will be 100mph or better. gusts on the outskirts of New Orleans will be 150mph or better.

  6. Don’t listen to the scientists who tell you a deadly virus and a deadly hurricane is coming. Hurricanes are a democratic plot. Wake up sheeple!

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