Monica Lewinsky’s affair with Bill Clinton re-examined

In an intimate new docu-series, Lewinsky shares her story and “Nightline” examines whether the nation is more sympathetic to her story in the age of #MeToo.


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41 thoughts on “Monica Lewinsky’s affair with Bill Clinton re-examined

  1. Equally as guilty. Quit idolizing her. Quit pointing fingers, quit feeling the need to blame anyone. Live your own life because y’all are so perfect

  2. She was not assaulted if she wanted him and went after him, you can see it! She probally hooked up with him and felt used which makes sense if she assumes she was serially assaulted

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  4. So, she gave top and had a sexual relationship with the President and bragged about it to the homies lmao I can’t believe this is a highlight lol

  5. So say 20 years ago, as a child, my father had an affair with a young woman but it didn't last that long. Then today she started telling the people we know that she was young and dumb then and made a huge mistake. So I should only hate my father but not her? Regardless whose fault, mistress is a mistress, same goes for a single guy having an affair with a married woman. Mistressess have one thing in common~ they are always more confident than the legal wife. Doesn't even care if they are adding another insult to the real victims~ wife and kids.

  6. Most men you’d fall for a young hottie. You men out there..don’t pretend. Bill just wanted extra piece of *ss 🤷🏿‍♂️

  7. Monica was ostracized yet the man who had the upper hand got a slap on the wrist…..only in America….
    Worst part is Monica damn near checked out of life on more than one occasion!!!

  8. Watching the series – Impeachment American Crime story.. and though it is quite an engaging series.. can't believe how poor the resemblance of the cast is, esp Monica Lewinsky.. the real Lewinsky is simply gorgeous.. I think Mr Clinton did actually fall for her!

  9. if I had an affair with a married middle aged man (President or not) in my early 20’s my father would have beat the crap out of me . He would never have looked at me with love and respect again.

  10. Lol no one cares about this. It’s tame by today’s standards. It makes us want to go back to the days when we were dumb enough to believe a scandal made sense.

  11. The comment that she made to her friends was that she wanted to get her presidential knee pads does that sound like an innocent naive girl it doesn't because it's not we all know promiscuous men and women who are young she was one of those she can't rewrite that narrative it's unfortunate for her that she got involved in the drama which she was fully participatory in and she didn't think about the ramifications life's a b** she learned a very hard lesson I still don't feel sorry for her. And yes it changed her whole life direction.. but everyone's missing the fact she has her hand out again for money and another 15 minutes of fame.

  12. Monica Dont cry 😢
    Wish I would have known you at that time….I would have protected you from it all…..I think your a Smart and Strong Women….Dont cry 😢 anymore….

  13. Can someone tell me why the woman who wrote all of this looks like a tired hag compared to the woman that lived it? That’s what man hating does to the body.

  14. 7:05 what a clown. He is hands down the most embarrassing president we have ever had. He owed the entire nation an apology but most certainly owed Monica an apology for almost destroying her life at 22 years old.

  15. She was smart to save that dress. By having done so the world knows that while she,a young kid, might have done something foolish he did something that was depraved beyond words.

  16. came here bcause of the video where Chelsea Clinton reacts on our Pres. Duterte then our President mentioned this issue.

  17. She is a dishonest person who knew that he is married she still had sex with him and played with his body parts ….. they are both disrespectful people he is married off limits and he is disrespectful to his own wife……..

  18. And still this POS showed up like he still matters…..I did not have sexual relations with that women . Monica Lewinsky … Under oath… one month later…I'll use other words to say ..I lied the first time under oath…but I'm telling the truth now…

  19. She was 22 gosh! She was still a child and fell for an older man. You do stupid things when you're young. Clinton however a grown man lied under oath number of times. How was she not the victim here?

  20. Monica Lewinsky is the only predator in this story ! She seduced the president, save the dress, and she still on TV talking about it all these years later !

  21. I disagree that they both should be blamed, i think only him should have the blame, HE was the one married, HE had other affairs, HE had the responsibility as a married man, HE was the president, and the president is a mature man who's supposed to be professional and faithful. She was young and enjoying her life, simply that. NO 22 year old is "mature enough", what do they know about life? Nothing! These comments are disgusting!

  22. It doesn't matter if she knew that he was married or not, HE is the one that has to respect his wife and be faithful, she was young and was enjoying her life, he was married, he was the one who took the vows, Monica doesn't have anything to do with his lack of respect. Stop blaming women for men's mistakes.

  23. If he wanted to have sex with her knowing he's married then it's his fault only! Disgusting that people still protect men as if they're babies and don't know what they're doing.

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