Missing journalist critical of Arab governments in final column

A friend of Jamal Khashoggi told ABC News The Washington Post columnist was killed in a “barbaric” way.


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49 thoughts on “Missing journalist critical of Arab governments in final column

  1. Criticise arabs and go there, you are screaming and finally dead meat. That ain't the USA that lets shitheads get away with smack. Over there you pay for your talk. Word out…live in a puke country, die there. Live in a limpdick democrat country, say what you want.

  2. This is getting really good… First Putin, now MSB. This is a Solomon moment. Our country is like the baby in the bible.
    Two prostitutes had sons along the same time. One rolled over and smothered hers in the night.
    While the other was sleeping, she switched babies.
    They went before Solomon and asked for a judgment.
    Since it could not be determined whose the child was, he said cut the baby in two.
    One said yes, cut him in two. The other said no, so the child can live give him to her.
    Based on her answer, the latter was the true mother and given the baby.
    Now you may ask why the bible lesson? Well, we're that baby. We're being divided mentally and spiritually. The true leader of this country would want us all to grow and prosper. Not the case here.
    This man is willing to sacrifice the health of this nation; this people, for his own selfish gain.
    Now that he has been in bed with the above, do you think he's considering what's best for you?

  3. People don't seem to realize that this is a no-win situation. Yes, Saudi Arabia murdered this guy. Why is anyone surprised that a dictatorial Islamic monarchy had someone murdered? The Turkish government is trying to play the good guy, but it's common knowledge that Erdogen has done things like this on multiple occasions. His government is also getting very cozy with Iran and Russia as well. That's the big part of why we can't just straight-out cut off and punish Saudi Arabia. It's not just losing out on vital resources that each of us use on a daily basis, but about what happens if we stop supporting one of our only allies in the region with the power to create any semblance of stability. The Saudis and their coalition are currently fighting a proxy war with Iran in Yemen, not to mention funding for rebel groups that are attempting to take down al-Assad in Syria. To stop supporting the Saudis would mean a more guaranteed victory for al-Assad in Syria; new strengthening of Russian power in their ally; a confirmation of Erdogen's Turkish government, that will then stab us in the back and go toward Russia, Iran, and China; and the strengthening of Iran's iron grip in the region. A less-powerful Saudi Arabia, one that enacts horrible acts of theocratic murder and torture, means the rise of a more powerful Iran, that enacts horrible theocratic murder and torture, AND seeks nuclear power, AND hates the United States. Pretty sure that even though it's like choosing between gonorrhea and syphilis, it's better to go with the one you know you can control.

  4. 'Really if King Salman wants to be a just, fair, honest and Islamic head of Saudi Arabia, he must arrange a 3 members investigation team of the Khosohoggi murder in Istanbul, and if his son MBS found guilty, he should be beheaded in public as he is doing to other killers. Let us see what he is doing?'

  5. Why would this one article make any difference? The article was published in English in an American online news website. Who doesn't know that there isn't free speech in the Arab countries? That's literally common sense for everybody, and there are thousands of similar if not worse articles about Saudi Arabia and their brutal violation of human rights. It makes no sense that this one article published in an American online website talking about a topic that is already common sense would be the reason for his murder. What makes more sense is if that journalist had some compromising evidence on the Saudi king, so they had to kill him before he published it. They probably tried to intimidate him no to disclose whatever he has, and when he refused, they killed him.

  6. and 99.999% probability Vladimir Putin, the grand master of global political murder, has assisted The Don, breaking the ice with a grandiose media mushroom cloud murder of a journalist (from the newspaper that The Don hates most). This is what happens when you put the Mafia into the White House. They do vile things like this.

  7. Pls see this it is happening every day in turkey make big voice so Maybe they can stop i want give u 2 example nato worker arrested bec they found hım home 1 dolar (Im not kidding) teacher gökhan acikkollu tortured-killed in prison hıs family got medical report 56 people killed in prison 17000 woman in prison 700 babies 200 journalist etc

  8. since when is this something new ?
    I've seen this since forever ! 
    they just beheaded a bunch of christians last year where's the outcry ? 
    some poor journalist ? 
    yea right , next…

  9. Big News!! After 2 weeks ; our President has found out that Jamal Khoshoggi is not alive!!
    With this speed, it may take a year to realize that the Khoshoggi was killed and may be a deacde to prove that MBS was fully involved in this killing.Do not forget that Saudis had killed more than 2000 Americans in 9/11 genocide and the full truth has still not come out.

  10. Fool. Freedom of speech and self expression is an American belief … Saudi Arabia is still living in mid evil times with a nation of oppressed people, ruled by fear and tyranny

  11. I think the best way to find out the truth is to send all the 15 Saudi Hit squad to Tehran Iran along with the main culprit MBS and allow the Mullah to use their 5th degree interrogative tactics. No one else will dare to do any harm to the Saudis on this planet, because they have oil power to win any one at any cost. Do not forget, Bush-Cheney were also bought over after 9/11, Obama was also chicken to deal with Saudis and forget about Trump, he can even sale America to save his own empire.

  12. If the Saudis weren't heavily-punished for this crime, imagine what precedence we'll be setting for authoritarian regimes all over the world: that's it's now okay to abuse diplomatic missions and turn them into slaughterhouses to silence your opponents.

  13. I don’t get why Saudi would do it with so many suspects on cctv and in the Saudi consulate with evidence apparently at consul’s residence also? Why not a single assassin shoot him in the street?

  14. Democrat politicians and far-left liberals have the brain power of believing in the following. trash should identify as garbage. Trees should identify as grass. The sidewalk should identify as the street. Wine should identify as beer, the sky should identify as the ocean. A car should identify as a truck. The living room should identify as the backyard. A car tire should identify as a wheel. Gas should identify as oil. A zoo should identify as a farm. Steam should identify a smoke. a grill should identify as a barbecue. a stove should identify as an oven. a fireplace should identify as an air conditioner. a blanket should identify as a bed sheet. a chair should identify as a couch. a DVD player should identify as a VHS recorder. a helicopter should identify as an airplane. feet should identify his hands. Winter should identify as summer. a shark should identify as a goldfish. a cat should identify as a dog. A cougar should identify as a bobcat. a train should identify as a semi truck. I don't think I left anything out but if I did let me know

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