LeBron James slams NFL team owners during his HBO talk show

James said the NFL has “a bunch of old white men owning teams” with a “slave mentality” and that the NBA is more tolerant.


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25 thoughts on “LeBron James slams NFL team owners during his HBO talk show

  1. I know what he’s talking about. The NBA essentially has unions for the players, they have demands and put it forth to the NBA and things get done, for example if they don’t agree on something, there’s a lockout until things get sorted as opposed to the NFL who don’t have similar infrastructures and not a lot in general in comparison.

    A lot of these guys grew up in poverty and homeless in some cases and have been subjugated so they’re talking out of experience like any of us would if we were to have a platform, to me anyway.

    Dude built a school in his hometown, helping put kids through schools and helping in and around his community. That’s doing something.

  2. So.. if a team was predominantly white, then that would mean its owners are racist on the basis of not allowing black people in, but if the team is predominantly black, than the owners are racist because they own the team on which these players play. That’s CRT for you

  3. LeBron, a true supporter of slavery, makes millions on slave labor in Communist China. As he says he is educated in what he believes in …So he knows that Communists forcibly sterelize women, round up men women and children and put them in slave labor camps, …..But he does not care….Neither does the NBA or ESPN…. Every time you buy an NBA Jersey, attend an NBA g ame or watch an NBA game you say to Communist China and the world slavery is ok as long as it provides me pleasure, and makes us money…..sick…

  4. Just kick all teams out of conservative states. Not enough libs to support them. Maybe China want them. They do still have slaves. Don’t let him shut up and dribble. Kick him out. Capernick him. That’s what we all deal with. You are so far from essential it would shock you.

  5. Have you people seen: ABC. What Would You Do?
    In every episode, we are being brainwashed into believing that blacks are constant victims of white racism. And there is a lot of black on white hate crimes going unreported, and if we whites look around when blacks are near, ABC is even bashing us for that.

  6. The movie purge they got the right idea I would get rid of a lot of these athletes who all think they're all Saints. Like Kobe Bryant oops, , Karma bit him

  7. Lebron is such a baby on the topic of race. I don’t get how these multi millionaires still have a victim mentality and so much hostility towards white people.

  8. Lebron, that was an ignorant response. It’s called going to work. You do what the boss or owner wants or you’re fired. White/black it doesn’t matter. You signed a contract. Same rules for all and no one is forcing anyone to play. I know I will never feel sorry for any athlete who makes millions but complains he’s not making more. Lebron, name me one slave who was paid millions to play a game?

  9. Absolutely no one has spoken about racism against White People from African Americans, I haven't heard it anywhere at all in the media. Doesn't racism work both ways?

  10. Jackie Robinson: Deals with endless heckling and death threats to racially integrate Major League Baseball in 1947.

    LeBron James: Likens himself to a slave making millions and billions of dollars to play pro sports decades later.

    Jackie Robinson: “Am I a joke to you?”

  11. If u own a company and someone does something to ur company or band what u going to do ? And how about the interview with A.Brown when u said after basketball u wanna be an Owner not a commentator? Lmfao u simple minded peraon who only wants to divide races not mend race relationships

  12. If you white and think you can be completely forgiven (or even forgiven just enough) after 1 public racist comment then you are severely mistaken.

    You could offer literally everything you own, cut your balls and penis off (or the vaginal equivalent bc women are not safe from this either), and become a BBC slave, and you still would not come back in the public eye after that.

    My advice is to do what the blacks do which is say what you got to say and don’t apologize or feel bad for one damn second because they sure won’t.

  13. What a buffoon. You made millions from this evidently RAAAACIST institution, and you still have a slave mentality. lol

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