Khashoggi’s WaPo editor: ‘Human life should not have a price tag on it’

Washington Post Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah is interviewed on “This Week” about Saudi Arabia’s explanation for columnist Jamal Khashoggi’s death.


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22 thoughts on “Khashoggi’s WaPo editor: ‘Human life should not have a price tag on it’

  1. This girl Called Kashoggi and asked him to do a column for the Washington Post, and she lets him write criticism of the regime, I mean is she naive or just fucken dumb. His Death also on her hands and TWP.

  2. Bush-Cheney did great blunder 16 years ago by wrongly blaming Saddam Hussain for the 9/11 and invading that desert land illegally, inhumanely and barbarically. But now Trump has golden opportunity to grab the Saudi Arabia at this right time . Trump under the U N leadership should at once give an ultimatum to the barbaric prince and his old dad to end the kingdom appointing 20 men Wise Men Council to rule for 6 months and then take 6 months to have a Constitution to establish democracy, and another 6 months to have free and fair election in that wild kingdom to elect their leaders. The crook MBS should be jailed for at least 6 years. Along with Saudi Arabia, the other decades old crooks Gen Sisi, Jordan King, UAE and Bahrain Kings also should be forced to follow the Saudi guide lines to establish democracy in their nations or be ready to be removed like Saddam. The free democratic middle east will be many times more beneficial to the USA and the world than these corrupt regimes,

  3. As if these people give a fuck what about the journalist that are still held against their will in Turkey Egypt etc Fuck jamal he was no friend to America he supports the Muslims Brotherhood this bitch talking shit. Jamal fucked with the wrong Muslim and is now pushing up daisies. Turkey ain’t gona do shit they are as useless as dried up dog shit.

  4. Utterly blatant lie and of course Trump's tiny fat digits no worries I die press Jeff Bezos and them will get to the bottom of it and expose that dirty trumpety clown shit for his unworthiness as POTUS fuck you Trump

  5. Why the Saudi authorities sent 15 criminals in the first place?!! Why one of them is an autopsy doctor?!!! Why the Bone Saws?!! Even if their goal was to kidnap him, that would not improve their evil reputation. Saudi Arabia, don’t lie stupid lies to us!! We are not like Trump!!!!

  6. Am a Muslim, but am not proud of Saudi Arabia. Because of their evill way of Islam the wahabis are a treat to the world peace. They don't consider anyone who is not a wahabii as a human being. But very soon the world would know the real colour of Saudi Arabia and their wahabii evill mentality!

  7. USA: guys we gotta come up with some lie that works for them and us so we can get that 100 billion ecks dee.

    please dont attack me this was all a joke. dont give me your crappy opinions. dont give me opinions of any kind, actually.

  8. I think they got caught fair and square finafuckinly the higher ups need to be held accountable otherwise to hell with the supreme Court let's just let everyone white wash their crimes I mean do it for one do it for all!! Now obviously that's not how I feel it just disgusts me how some people think!! This man was ambushed in a consulate and dismembered and Mr BS knows nothing!! Everything about the way this is being handled is ass backwards but what more could we of expected from our President!!

  9. Establishment guy who was mad he was on the outside, wapo only making a ralling cry because he was their buddy. He didn't give two sh!ts about human rights when he was on the inside much like WaPo's coverage on Saudi Arabia. Was he condemning Saudi Arabia before the corruption purge about women's rights, gay rights, or Yeman in 2015,2016, or 2017? His uncle was one of the richest arms dealer in the world. He was in exile because he had his hands in dirty dealings not because he was ever a champion of the people. The current crowned Prince is the most progressive (the good kind) one ever for Saudi Arabia giving women the ability to drive and such, verses a long history ruthless suppression (before the crowned Prince) on journalists that Kashoggi more than happy to keep his mouth shut about when he was an insider. If anything this is a great example of what goes around comes around. He's not a person worth making others suffer for.

  10. Everything has a price tag….and i do mean EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sad but the human species is nothing more than a parasitic plague upon this planet……….

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