House votes to end partial government shutdown

The two measures to end the 13-day partial government shutdown are expected to stall in the Senate and face a veto from President Trump.


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43 thoughts on “House votes to end partial government shutdown

  1. We all need to come up with a solution, this is the time America needs to be it's strongest & all come together we are all neighbors & need to be friends with each other

  2. Nancy you and Chuck are getting paid thru a different account. But the military is not. So your not sweating it when you
    We're playing in Hawaii. Did you visit the Navy or Marine families there. No
    Just the coconuts

  3. How About Barack Insane Obama , Trillions of American Tax Dollars He Gave To Iran Regime Known Terrorist's In Large Shipments Of Cash ? , None of You Democrats Speak About Obama's Muslim Brotherhood .

    All that Money Could Have Paid For Our Border Wall , That Protects the Sovereignty of our Nation America and every American Citizen. It'll cost us American citizens so much less to build the wall for our own safety Security and well-being.

    Than what Obama just gave away to the Iranian regime terrorist who are totally against us and even say death to America and Israel.

    Yet You Democ- rats Don't Even Care About Securing Our Borders, Protecting Our American Citizen's .

    With Corrupted Democrat Poltician's Like Nancy Polosi and Chucky Shomer Who Needs Enemies ? We In America Already Have Our Enemies Inside Of Our Own Government and It's The Corrupted Democrat Poltician's.

  4. CNN, ABC , CBS , NBC , you're worthless and so are the Democrats who are trying to destroy our Government and Country America.
    I used to be a Democrat Until I saw Obama and Hillary Clinton Lawlessness and Corruption especially with Benghazi and the murders of Our Young Soldiers.

    I guess you forgot all about that, but If It Was You? I'm sure you would want Justice.

    I Hate What The Democrats Have Done To Our Country America .

    You All Know We Need The Wall For The Security And Sovereignty Of Our Nation America And The Protection Of Every American Citizen.

    Yet you have the nerve to Lie To All American Citizens. I Pray You Realized Our American Citizen's Blood Will Be On Your Hands.

    For Anyone of our American Citizen who are killed by illgeals .
    How can you ever feel good about taking Blood Money that you caused just for votes trying to make Illgeals Citizens American ? Oh My God This Is way beyond my own comprehension. Are You Democrats that evil?

    Don't you know the love of money is the root of all evil. And that power corrupts.

    All of you are going to have to answer to our Living Holy God Jesus Christ one day soon.

    You won't be happy until you Destroyed Our Country America and Every American Citizen With It .

    Just Remember you will go down with the rest of us .
    I probably wont be around to see it .

    I'm not worried about myself , I'm worried about Each and Every American Citizen .

    I don't even want to around to see it .
    I never want to see my own Country America Destroyed By A Bunch Of Evil Greedy Corrupted Democrat Poltician's Morons , Who Will Sell Our Country America Out To The Highest Bidder Like George Soros , For Their Own Financial Gain and Then Hide Their Own Evil Corruption in Fear of Being Discovered .

    Why Do You Think The Evil Democrats Hate Our President Donald Trump So Much ? Its Because They Were Caught in Their Own Corruption and Their In Fear Of Everything Coming Out .
    Check Out What Happen In Benghazi and How The Democrats Tryed To Hide It. Also Check Out George Soros and How He Make's
    Trillion's Of Dollars By Destroying Governments and Countries . All On You-Tube and its all Facts.
    See for yourselves .

    America Please Wake Up, Read Your Bibles And Pray Young People Pray .


  6. A wall can be built. A wall built can be demolished. Democrats can be Heroes to more than 800,000 people. By passing it. Then gain power and stop it. A precedent is the large partical accelerator that was dug up then filled in. Each process costing 1billion. Protect the people from Trump. Be the bigger person.

  7. Hahahahahaha…. and Mexico still laughing about Trump…hahahahahaha…. wait a minute! TRUMP Did not promised that MEXICO will pay for that stupid WALL ? JUST SAYING!!!! Maybe I have alzaimers !

  8. If Trump wants to throw hissy fits. And close the Government every time this man child don't get his way. Then take hostages by closing government. Democrats have every right to drive the point, we don't negotiate with terrorist.

    Terrorists use threats in an attempt to coerce or intimidate government or society to achieve political, ideological objectives. To create terror among masses of people; or fear to achieve a political aim. Trump is a glorified Natzi and a terrorist by definition!

    It's the Democrats role as the grownups. To stand their ground and let him know, government is NOT Burger King and he can NOT Have it His Way! And that only HE is accountable for his actions!

    People directly affected by the shutdown should protest directly to the person. Who spoke the words, close it! Not the collateral casualties that are the Democrats.

    We need to recognize that just because you're dissolutioned with the Republican party. And you don't like Democrats. That you shouldn't say they're all the same. And villainize Democrats as if they're the same as Republicans. Because it's irrational to think so. Republicans are in an Alternate Universe. They're so disconnected with their base, they have left earth a long time ago.

    Look at Trump, to close government for no good reason other than a hissy fit. And then say the people affected would be glad to be without jobs; And would say, it's for a good reason and it's OK. Then send them a bull shit letter. For them to get by like peasants; It's extremely disrespectful and condescending. It's an extreme disconnect and pisibly the most retarted thing this president has done so far!

    Support for Heidler Drumpf is unAmerican!

    Drain the morass, Impeach Trump!

  9. A wall has never worked in the past and it’s not gonna work now. And what happened to “Mexico’s going to pay for it.” This is all stupid

  10. If dumpster donnie declared St of Emergency for his ass in nine wall, couldn't he declare Martial Law to protect his presidency and lock up protesters in the 800+ FEMA camps?

  11. To all democrats,
    Don't waste your time to impeach, indict and sopeana him. Please work hard on voting rights so that everyone can participate and kick this so called the president of The USA out of the government and everybody can peacefully sleep.

  12. Looks like that national emergency funding is looking more and more probable. Trump just wants to give the dems in on it

  13. It’s not about the money for the Dems that’s for sure. They are willing to have non-tax paying illegals live in this country, while the tax-paying legal citizens pay for their benefits. Billions of our tax paying dollars spent, so we know it’s not about the money. In 2008, there were reported 20 million illegals. These illegals are draining our resources and way of life. Dems need to support closing of the borders. Stop playing it off like your trying to save money…stop playing politics and do what’s needed to secure our borders.

  14. ABC, CNN, CBS, and MSNBC have really nothing truthful to report and it’s pretty sad. Most intelligent people can clearly see they are trying really hard to persuade the masses. I just wonder who their orders are coming from. When I watch the full clips of the presidents speeches, they are only taking clips to send their own message. Watch the full speech.

  15. 300,000-600,000 border apprehensions every year. Nah…. that’s not a big deal. And don’t listen to DHS or actually go there and SEE for yourself. Just sit back and believe the MSM. Good Americans… really good. Now bark!

  16. Trump is an out of control malignant narcissist. This "wall" is his (manhood…just so this comment doesn't get deleted), and any man who has to prove himself with ultimatums, is not a man. Trump behaves like an out of control child…and you voted for him. Be ashamed, be very ashamed -conservatives, sexists who didn't want to see Hilary in office, and media watchers who need to go on a media diet. Wake up people!!!

  17. Nancy: "We are not doing a wall, uh uh, does anybody have any doubts about… We are not doing a wall!?". Well, I have never "done" a wall, but I could "build" a wall with leadership, direction, and funding🤔.

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