‘He Believes That It’s A Woman’s Right:’ Psaki Defends Biden’s Position On Abortion

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended President Biden’s position on abortion to a reporter who asked about it in relation to the president’s Catholic faith.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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‘He Believes That It’s A Woman’s Right:’ Psaki Defends Biden’s Position On Abortion


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32 thoughts on “‘He Believes That It’s A Woman’s Right:’ Psaki Defends Biden’s Position On Abortion

  1. It's too bad that sippy cup Joe Biden and Calamity Harris's parents believed that abortions were OK they could have taken care of Americans two biggest problems a long time ago.

  2. Yes….women are the only ones who can birth a child, therefore it is her right to decide. It is between her and her maker/God. Men have no right to decide on this matter period. Also if you don't want the covid-19 vaccine, than don't, but if you get covid -19 I don't believe you deserve the right for any hospital care. Just stay home and die. Why should we use all our time and effort if you refused to help protect yourself in the first place.

  3. As a woman, she has to choices, she ( knows) that if she lays down with a man she may get pregnant~ and she does "" then she has( forfeited) her choice~~ she is now ( her body) is now preparing for a life that she has ( no) right to forfeit that life…. She knew…band decided to do it anyway⚒️ open and shut the door✝️

  4. Why is she working for this administration she seems like a very intelligent extremely well put together a woman I’m pretty sure she can make a lot better money doing something else then to have to put up with all of this craziness from Biden and the ministration I understand it’s a high-paying job and she holds her self to high standards but is it truly what she believes and does she really think she’s doing the right thing for her career and for the American people speaking on behalf of this administration she seems to be torn in a lot of ways when she hast to cover for him her values are different but this is a career she chose and she knows she can make more money somewhere else but this is a good strong home to get her name out there for better careers in the future if this doesn’t tank. She’s a wall put together woman then you shouldn’t dislike her because of the things she has to go through for her job based on the choices of a perpetrator president. Have you ever watch the movie GI joe. You should it’ explains a lot.

  5. Ok 1)There's a thing called contraceptive pills, which a man & woman (because it takes two adults) to stop an unplanned pregnancy literally the next day. Hence the name morning after pill.

    2) Biden shouldn't even have a say on what a woman should or shouldn't do, he has never had to make those choices either.

    3)The Catholic tradition teaches that human dignity can be protected and a healthy community can be achieved only if human rights are protected and responsibilities are met. Therefore, every person has a fundamental right to life and a right to those things required for human decency.

    He is no catholic, just a crippled lying power hungry tyrant puppet.

  6. Its simple, people: she – Psake – is saying and reiterating:
    "my body, my choice"
    – the ways it WASN'T before "Roe v Wade", became so with
    R v W, is now, and hopefully will be in the future.
    The autonomous choice.
    I see, respect, and relate to parents, fathers, transgender/ LGBTQ. With all respect: for this particular issue, however, their concerns are largely ( and effectively) muddling , confusing and distracting from this FUNDAMENTAL core question.
    My body, my choice, my future.
    Leave the pope, male lawmakers, baby daddy….OUT of this!

  7. And while I'm here…in the U.K. it is perfectly legal to smoke and drink alcohol when pregnant, but illegal to park on yellow paint. The world is run by fools…

  8. They always do a diversion. I complained to a coworker about tax credits for electric cars, saying they shouldnt make me pay for someone else's car. The coworker shifts to, no, you're not buying a car, you're keeping the air clean for the future. No, I'm buying a car for someone else. I may as well buy them daycare too for their child. I'm sure that's in pelosis bill.

  9. He's never been pregnant, but Peter is a former fetus. Therefore his opinion is valid. Why doesn't a woman consult with her doctor and the father? They never mention the father.

  10. The Admin believes its their right to choose. Well guess what its also my right to choose if i wanna take the jab or not. Cant have my body my choice only for abortions psaki.

  11. I believe that abortions should be the default setting, all women should be required to have one….unless the father agrees to have the baby, then an abortion will not be administered. This Idea shall be called "a man's right to choose", it you disagree with this, then you are not Progressive.

  12. In her attempt to be snarky and cute, she basically said that he doesn't really believe in his Catholic faith. Watch it back, that's what she says. Catholics are anti-abortion. Period. So for her to say that Biden believes it's a "choice" is saying he's not really Catholic. Also…I'm surprised NBC is being so anti-progressive. We're not supposed to be talking about woman's choice anymore. Isn't it "birthing person"? How does Jen Psaki know if that man was ever pregnant. Maybe he was once a woman…..interesting how the rules change depending on the situation

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