Breakthrough Covid Infections: What Is The Real Risk?

Breakthrough Covid-19 infections are rare, but an increasing number are being reported. NBC News’ John Torres reports on the real risk of breakthrough infections. 
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22 thoughts on “Breakthrough Covid Infections: What Is The Real Risk?

  1. The Vaccinated are shedding and spreading the virus at a crazy rate. If anyone followed science that's been around for last 20 years regarding influenza they would know that these shots don't protect you from a virus. They just lower the severity of said virus.

  2. Republicans hate. They hate the truth, democracy, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, kids, the elderly, gays, Muslims. You name it. If COVID can get rid of undesirables, they're for its spread.

  3. Breakthrough Covid cases are not rare and vaccine is not causing Covid! Daughter double vaccinated April 2020 Pfizer. Got Covid at school Sept 2021! Take Tylenol for fever not Advil. (Doctor advices) We do not go to indoor anything, no restaurants, no store, I get groceries delivered. She is on day 5, 2 days of fever and still tired and congested. Her entire class is vaccinated. In her class anyone vaccinated prior to July got Covid, anyone vaccinated in Aug or later did not get Covid. Breakthrough Covid occurring in NC. Mask up & Social distant. Protect yourself get vaccinated if u have not been.

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  5. Spike proteins causing the spike in number of breakthrough COVID-19 cases
    A breakthrough COVID-19 case is defined as someone who has detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2 at least 14 days after getting fully vaccinated against the disease. As of April 26, the CDC has received 9,245 reports of breakthrough COVID-19 cases. Some 835 of those cases required treatment at hospitals and 132 died.

  6. If the vaccine was as effective as the government says it is, there should be zero chances. "Take the vaccine and be 100 percent protected". Joe Biden, during almost every speech, 2021. Also "The vaccine is fully tested there is no danger".is another favorite of his, There have been heart problems and blood clotting problems reported directly linked the the vaccine. That is why the government gave vaccine manufacturers federal protection for damage suits from people or their estates. Not very reassuring. But if you are feeling lucky, take the vaccine and I hope nothing happens to you from it.

  7. "Breakthrough Covid-19 infections are rare"

    Based on what? The CDC refuses to keep track of the numbers of breakthrough cases.

    Israel is a giant case study that the fear mongering covid cult is ignoring.

  8. It has always been there, cover up, the CDC don't want to admit it. Everyone covering up….the virus is real the vaccine…….you decide. Isreal believed its big brother….now big brother says you on your own.

  9. Written May 7th, 2020.

    Every theory I wrote back then was eventually proven true thanks to Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci confidential emails released by a “FOIA” Freedom of Information Act.

    Also, thanks to “FOIA” Freedom of Information Act AIDS/HIV and Ebola are also man-made diseases and cures for AIDS/HIV and Ebola is Nano Silver produced by the US Army bioweapons lab in Fort Detrick, Maryland. All lab notes for AIDS/HIV, Ebola, and Nano Silver are available public records.

    What was not one of my theories in the leaked emails the Coronavirus was a simple animal virus not harmful to humans. Through recombinant DNA and gene splicing converted a harmless animal Coronavirus to a very infectious and deadly Coronavirus at the same time this Wuhan bioweapons lab was creating experimental vaccines that did not work and patented drugs that are toxic and may work on the Coronavirus. Problem-Reaction-Solution for mandatory Coronavirus experimental vaccinations and a financial bonanza for American pharmaceutical corporations. This why the experimental vaccines came out so fast they already had the experimental vaccines for the Coronavirus before its accidental release but too soon to mass produce experimental vaccines.

    Thanks to released emails simple generic drugs vitamins essential minerals and hygiene will cure most if not all communicable diseases.

    You can obviously tell by my writing style I do very scholarly diligent research, with many references in hyperlinks.

    1. The Chinese communist party (CCP) said the Coronavirus pandemic started at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market this is propaganda. Truth Coronavirus is a bioweapon that was created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology bioweapon’s lab 8.5 miles from the from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market

    Gravitas: China's batwoman goes 'missing'

    Shi Zhengli China's 'bat woman' Shi Zhengli goes missing

    2. Did the Chinese communist party (CCP) intentionally release the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak? NO! It was an accident. Wuhan Lab That Stored 1500 Viruses Including COVID-19 Prior To Outbreak Was Under Unsafe Conditions, Virus researcher dead in suspected murder; Leaked documents show coverup; Scholars warn 2nd outbreak Chinese Lab with Checkered Safety Record Draws Scrutiny over COVID-19

    3. Is there evidence that the Coronavirus is a bioweapon? YES! The Epoch Times the most credible newspaper covering China has video documentary Exclusive Report] The First Documentary Movie on Tracking Down the Origin of CCP Virus(Coronavirus). The Epoch Times also documented organ smuggling in China.

    4. Did the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fund research on the Coronavirus in China? YES! And both President Barak Obama and President Donald Trump terminated Coronavirus research grants to China. Who restarted the Coronavirus research grants to China? Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci. Trump admin pulls NIH grant for coronavirus research over ties to Wuhan lab at heart of conspiracy theories US taxpayer money went to Wuhan; China spy scandal making YALE and MIT on fire|Crossroads|Joshua

    5. What was the purpose and intent in the research of the Coronavirus? To create a Problem-Reaction-Solution for mandatory experimental vaccination White House Petition: Investigation Bill & Melinda Gates Surpasses Half a Mill Signatures Nigerians to Get V@CCINATED by FORCE in New NCDC Law by Bill Gates "Friend"; Nigerian House Speaker? #africansarenotlabrats WTF?! Outrage As BRITAIN Says KENYA TO be TESTING GROUND for UK V@ccine TRIALS! WTF! OUTRAGE As French Doctors Discuss TESTING Covid 19 Vacc!ne On Africans!! UK Scientists Plan To Use Kenyans As Guinea Pigs

    6. Did the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) try to conceal the numbers of infections and deaths in China? YES! In a previous email I said I do not trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). 21 million fewer cellphone accounts in China may suggest high CCP virus death toll | China in Focus ‘Millions dead’ from coronavirus in China? Separating fact from fiction Coronavirus: How WHO Corruption Helped It Spread

    7. Why was Africa so successful in dealing with the Coronavirus? It's HAPPENING! 10 African Countries Order Madagascar's Remedy; More to FOLLOW! Senegal Created $1 COVID-19 Test & Lost Only 2 People Out Of 16M To The Virus

    Conclusion, it is best not to trust western corporate controlled news media. Western media are still operating under operation mockingbird a (CIA) United States Central Intelligence Agency program that disseminates propaganda and is still operating today. Conspiracy theories are great it teaches you how to think critically and you become immune to state sponsored propaganda such as operation mockingbird and Chinese communist party (CCP) and their propaganda. Not all conspiracy theories are bad news its mostly good news it allows you to see the truth in advance before anyone else can see it.

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