Biden unveils new measures on gun violence

President Joe Biden called gun violence an “epidemic” and an “embarrassment” to the country and used executive action to crackdown on “ghost guns.”


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35 thoughts on “Biden unveils new measures on gun violence

  1. The shootings happen in gun restricted zones. And joe wants more gun free murder zones and more good people without the ability to protect themselves. The reality is there are guns, and always will be. Criminals will always get access to guns. So the only logical thing to do is arm yourself carry a gun. More people with guns. Less restrictions on law abiding citizens. Bet if the boulder shooter knew at least 10 people were armed in that king soopers he wouldn't even think about shooting anyone. If i was there with my gun i garentee i would have saved lives.

  2. Does anybody in America know how each branch of government operates and the authority they have?
    Apparently not!

    A gun grab executive order is unconstitutional. Any executive order about firearms is unconstitutional. The president does not make laws. P.E.R.I.O.D., NOT EVER. A executive order is a order to enforce a law not to make a law. If the President thinks that executive orders are for making a law he has overstepped his bounds of authority. He does have the authority to sign a law or veto a law that the legislature has the authority to vote on and that is it.

    The police carry guns for their own protection not for your protection. It is your own responsibility to protect yourself against the rain, snow, insects, animals and bad people and bad government. People need to start protecting themselves. This world is a dangerous place to live in so take responsibility for your own safty and stop condemning people looking after their own safty. Any federal law, any state law, any county law, any city law and any administration law about firearms is unconstitutional P.E.R.I.O.D., see Article 6 of the Constitution. In 1870 you carried a gun without condemnation from others just as the police carried guns and were not condemned. That same attitude should be the same today. If you are afraid of your own shadow stay home you have no business out in public. If you are afraid of a person carrying a gun you should be carrying also or stay home you have no business being out in public.

    If it was winter do you think that the government has the right to limit your right to protect yourself against the cold? If it was raining do you think that the government has the right to ban umbrellas so you are limited in your human right to protect yourself from the rain. If there are bad people does the government have the right to limit your right to protect yourself against bad people? Not only is that unconstitutional it is also a human right violation. One problem is that there are to many laws that are no laws because they are unconstitutional. Which hinders people from protecting themselves.

    Peter had a sword in the Palace of the King on the night of Jesus' betrayal and nobody said crap. People today would condemn Peter because they are afraid of their own shadow.

    There are to many people that think that they are safe because you go from their house that has doors, walls and windows that offer some protection to a car that has doors, walls and windows to a building that has doors, walls and windows. Start protecting yourself and get all of these gun laws declared unconstitutional because they are unconstitutional.

    If the government does pass a unconstitutional law that is upheld as lawful just remember it can't be retroactive to any previous date that would make it unconstitutional as a Ex Post Facto law.

    If anybody in the three branches of Government in the last 150 years knew and understood the Constitution then they would have discovered the error in the 13 amendment.

    In 1870 you rode a horse or walked or had a wagon and horse and you carried your gun wherever you wanted, whether concealed or not and nobody said anything and there were no unconstitutional laws and you went from one state to another from one county to another. So today if there are any restrictions or requirements where or how to carry your firearms going from one state to another state they are unconstitutional. By the way concealed means to "hide" not that it can't be seen. My wallet in my pocket is not concealed just because you can't see it. The courts are not fit to hold court. Legislators are not fit to legislate. The police are not fit to police.

    GOD said do not have any graven images and this country has a multitude of graven images. This has become a big problem in America. Let's start fixing the root of our problems and it is not guns.

    The courts are almost totally corrupt. Upholding corrupt unconstitutional laws that are no laws and protecting corrupt government and not protecting the poor. The legal system in America has turned into human trafficking. What is being done about human trafficking in the court system? Poor people are ticketed or arrested for sleeping and the public defenders are NOT defending the poor and their human right to shelter. The office of the public defenders is a conflict of interest. What is being done about that. If the office of the public defenders is a conflict of interest why nobody in the legal system can see this conflict of interest?

    If GOD would destroy America it would be no great loss as there is to much corruption in and out of government. There is to much corruption on both sides of the law. I'm disgusted with the whole mess.

  3. A good share of the information and this video it's not correct. I wish people would learn about guns before they talk about them.

  4. "turn a pistol into a short barrel rifle" As a liberal who owns guns and is in favor of reform to how people get guns…I think that's pretty stupid.

  5. Biden is really trying to push this gun control with all these mass shootings that’s happening..mighty strange all these shootings are happening when he took office

  6. You see how they give you misdirection they turn away from the Big killers like these. 1) cigarettes 480K dead, 2) medication 128k up to 700K alone, 3) alcohol 95k you see they killing you softly with these. 4)Guns 38,826 and messing with the little guy.

    🙄🙄 😲😲 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

    Respect those around you, cherish the moments you get, love the people close to you; dark times are ahead of us…..

  8. I think,
    -you should be able to have a rifle for hunting only (not a assault rifle)
    -you should be able to carry a pistol for SELF DEFENSE ONLY
    -and weapons with high caliber bullets shouldn’t be sold on gun stores, and only military personnel should use them
    -you should be 21 and older, have a valid drivers license, and not have been charged with a weapon crime before of domestic violence
    -and all guns should be locked, or secured when not using them, making it so no one can steal or are in children’s reach
    – weapons shouldn’t be given to people who have had thoughts on hurting or harming people (background checks)
    That’s MY OPINION so don’t be mad

  9. Persons who use un-serialized guns(or any guns) in a crime should be prosecuted. Persons who make their own guns(as they have for 100s of years) for their own personal LAWFUL use should be left alone. Biden /Feds could care less about safety. They want serial numbers and background checks so they KNOW WHO HAS GUNS making it easy for them to confiscate them in the future.

  10. What criminal has used a ghost gun they don’t have the capacity to be able to make them they are just going to buy them from some other criminal down the road

  11. Number 1: Biden is NOT the president. Number 2: Democrats are communists. Number 3: They cannot enslave you as long as you have a means to fight back. Once citizens submit to any "gun control" the takeover will be complete and mass executions and imprisonment of anyone that is not a communist will occur quickly. Look at history you idiots!

  12. Them: Most Americans gun owners and non gun owners alike support stricter gun laws! It says so in the polls!

    Me: checks like to dislike ratios on YouTube videos supporting gun control Ehhh lol

  13. The more laws the more shootings your going to have .our president is out ofhis mind he really is a sick man i want to call a red flag on him .

  14. Biden is going to take measures on gun violence? No….. How does he propose to legislate the actions of violent people? The headline is as dumb as Biden himself.

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