ABC News Prime: Chauvin trial – Day 8; Dominant COVID-19 strain in US; Interview with Andra Day

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  1. The new coronavirus epidemic that originated in Wuhan has spread to all provinces in China, as well as other Asia Pacific regions, North America, and Europe. Because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) routinely covered up past epidemics, it is widely suspected that the true scale of the outbreak is significantly worse than officially reported. This leaves many people living in China helpless as the epidemic continues to worsen.

    Falun Dafa practitioners outside China have also been looking for ways to offer help from a spiritual perspective. After the CCP began to suppress Falun Dafa in July 1999, practitioners saw that many people who stood up for justice and supported or protected practitioners often described miracles, including recovering from incurable illnesses, surviving otherwise fatal accidents, and resolving deep family conflicts. For many years, practitioners around the world have called people in China, suggesting that reciting the phrases “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” would bring blessings.

    A deputy director of a district publicity department (formerly the propaganda department) in Beijing recently received such a phone call from a practitioner. Despite an initial misunderstanding, he began to reflect and eventually thanked the practitioner for the advice.

    Disaster Caused by the CCP

    The officer was first annoyed by the call. “We’re facing a national disaster right now, and you’re asking me to quit the CCP? Why?” he asked impatiently.

    “These two are actually connected,” the practitioner replied gently. “Let me explain why.

    “Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianwang said on TV that he didn’t disclose the information in time because he wasn’t authorized to do so. This shows that it’s a systemic problem of the Party covering it up.

    “After the illness was reported in early December, the government kept the public in the dark because they wanted to ‘maintain stability’ and prevent a panic. In the end, they lost control of the outbreak and caused an even bigger panic.

    “SARS was handled in the same way. For months, the government covered it up and even attacked people who disclosed the information. You know very well what happened after that.

    “Today, history is repeating itself,” the practitioner said. Drawing historical parallels with the Roman Empire’s persecution of Christians and subsequent plagues that killed about two-thirds of its population, she described the CCP’s brutality in its persecution of Falun Gong and spreading of propaganda to incite hatred.

    “Heaven sees this clearly, so in your heart you have to undo the vow you made to give your life to the Party, in order to avoid paying for its crimes when it’s eventually held accountable,” she suggested.

    The officer’s tone softened and acknowledged the practitioner’s reasoning. He listened quietly and said he was not involved in the persecution of Falun Gong.

    Wishing People Peace and Health

    The practitioner continued, “All these years, Falun Gong practitioners have risked their lives to tell people the facts. This is not related to politics. I’m paying for this call, and you’re not losing anything. We [practitioners] all hope you can make it through this disaster.”

    Moved by the practitioner’s compassion, the officer said, “Thank you! Thank you!”

    The practitioner said, “The virus spreads from human to human, and no medicine can cure it. You can only protect yourself. Other than wearing facial masks and maintaining personal hygiene, sincerely quitting the CCP organizations and reciting ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ will also bring blessings. It doesn’t cost a penny.”

    Convinced, the officer replied, “Thank you for saving people during this national disaster. You’ve worked hard!”

    Chinese version available

  2. Biden and the Democrats are using race to divide America. Just as Obama did. Nothing based on truth. Just lies to benefit themselves and their agenda. All they want is power. What they are doing is not for the good of America and its people. Just lies and false information, and false promises. Their agenda hurts all Americans.

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  4. 🟥 Search "RAW: George Floyd Minneapolis police body camera footage" on the YouTube channel '10 Tampa Bay'
    At two-time stamps
    46:40 + 48:42, an officer suggests "Roll him on his side?" Both times, Derek Chauvin ignores him.
    So, at least one of the officers who were restraining George Floyd RECOGNIZED that it was dangerous that George Floyd was being kept in the prone position in two times, he (sheepishly) tried to suggest that George Floyd be placed in the recovery position.
    My question is, WHY is that body cam video not in evidence and presented in court by the prosecutors??

  5. Share: Gangster CDC will release biowarfare pathogens to punish Texas and Florida

    The CDC is a criminal "gangster" organization that has repeatedly turned to bio-terrorism and media propaganda to gain money and power.

    Over the years, they've run media hysteria campaigns about AIDS, Bird Flu, Zika virus, and now covid. The goal is always the same: Terrorize the American people and use their fear to gain more power and funding for the CDC itself (while creating a windfall of revenues for Big Pharma, of course).

    The CDC has a black ops team, and now that Texas and Florida have banned vaccine passports, the CDC will use its black ops teams to target those states with the release of weaponized pathogens — most likely variants or "strains" of covid. This will be used to discredit TX and FL and push for mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports.
    Health Ranger Report

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  7. WHAT ABOUT NATIVE AMERICANS? THEY are the original ORIGINAL peoples of the United States❗🗣HOW difficult is it…❗REALLY❗to SAY:

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  9. Are we supposed to believe that a millionaire and the husband of Miss Minnesota purposely killed a man while on camera and with absolutely no motive???

  10. I almost got inspired to watch the trial to catch up. And then I realized it’s a soap opera. Have fun while I go back to hiking in the forest with beautiful birds and healthy food S

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