Pixel 2 XL: All the issues we know of thus far (Updated)

Jayce talks about all the issues we know about the Pixel 2 XL … thus far.

Article: http://bit.ly/2lviTeP

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30 thoughts on “Pixel 2 XL: All the issues we know of thus far (Updated)

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  2. I have a pixel 2 and my phone has over heating issue especially when I do WhatsApp video call. Also, the buzz sounds while on a WhatsApp video call. During charge also my phone heats up. I just had this phone only one day and I have all those issues. I have updated the phone with all the updates but all those issues still persists.

  3. I have the google pixel 2 xl and my issue is that when my hand goes to the top of the back of the phone I lose data. I told verizon and they contacted google who then told me to cut the phone off for 90 seconds. Then they said I have to wait 5 days to replace when is a less than a month old phone and my protection plan gives me same or next day replacement. Also this is a common problem issue for this phone per google.

  4. Had to cancel my data plan after a $400 bill for data use randomly in background, battery dies after 4 hours without calling anyone, rings non stop and no idea why half the time. Found this phone very frustrating personally, can’t wait to get rid of it

  5. I have a Google pixel XL 2 that I bought about 3 months ago. So far so good except the one problem I had was I sent away for three different types of headphone adapters after temporarily losing the original one. Out of the three new adapters none of them worked. Luckily I did find the original which still works.

  6. I have the smaller pixel 2. I am now on my 3rd phone because of the black screen of death. I am commenting because I am once again searching the internet for a fix before I return the phone to the store. the hard reset dose not work. I have no idea why this has happened to me 3 times. I keep my phone safe in a protective case, never dropped and away from moisture.

  7. Just got a Google pixel 2, and it makes a loud high pitch sound and shuts off all the time. used to do it around 20% battery, however now it does it around 50%

  8. My phone keeps freezing when trying to hang up a call. The screen blacks out and non of the buttons work to hang up and have to wait for the reciever answerphone to time out after 4 mins. I only got this phone 5 months ago. Might be a settings issue but it's happened 4 times now. Might sell it and get another phone.

  9. I ordered my 2 XL from Best Buy. Waited almost a month because they weren't in stock. I'm adjusting coming from an LG V10 and so far I'm only impressed with a better camera and battery life. As a singer, I use wired in ear monitors. Well today I discovered my adapter doesn't work!!! I waited a whole month for a defective device??!!! I have Bluetooth headphones but my monitors are wired and built for my stage presence. What a waste!!!

  10. Google put out a lousy product. I ordered this phone and right away notice a dead pixel in the top right corner (how ironic). I had high hopes for this phone as a potential iPhone/S9 competitor but it failed to compete. QUALITY > features.

  11. I've got the pixel 2xl for 3 months now and won't charge.. I got it to charge of I shut it off or restart it ten times.. for 900 bucks I'm kind of steamed

  12. Hi there,
    I have pixel 2 xl and phones restarts every time when I use 360 view snaps. It's allows me to capture some snaps and then restarts automatically.

  13. I hv PIXEL 2 XL 64GB BLACK,
    1) I have that BLACK SMEAR problem.

    2) also sometimes I can't stop my alarm sound, it just goes on, I have to restart the phone sometimes to stop it

    Android version – 8.1.0
    Patch update – April 5th 2018

  14. My pixel 2 xl has just gone back to google because the usb c stopped working properly it wouldn’t connect to my laptop and the headphone adapter just wouldn’t recognize it thought it was a charging cable had 3 adapter sent from google as well because they thought it was that but they told me to send it to them hopefully it come back soon

  15. I own a Google Pixel 2 XL and mine was made in December of 2017, and it seems like the Blue Hue is less apparent than models made before

  16. Fortunately none of the problems you mentioned I have experienced so far in my one month old pixel 2 xl. But after the latest update I do notice handset getting unreasonably hot on using certain apps or on using multiple apps. This is especially true when using AR stickers. I wonder if Google has taken notice of this new problem.

  17. Google need to get their shit together. First they mock Apple for removing the headphone jack, then they follow suit but the cheap bastards don't even include a set of earphones. Then there's all the screen issues on the 2XL which are unacceptable for a top dollar flagship.

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