Can OnePlus get its groove back? A former fanboy’s perspective.

OnePlus recently released the OnePlus 12. But A lot has changed since the original release of the OnePlus One. Not just with OnePlus’ flagship phones but also with the company itself. OnePlus used to be the “flagship killer” and a company that listened to it’s users but that hasn’t been the case for many years now. What happened to OnePlus exactly? Can the company ever go back to its former glory? Or has the smartphone landscape changed way too much to make that possible?

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00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Why I loved OnePlus
02:07 – Why I drifted away from OnePlus
02:46 – Thoughts on OnePlus 12
04:40 – Who is the OnePlus 12 for?
05:58 – Can OnePlus get its groove back?
07:38 – I miss how OnePlus made me feel

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34 thoughts on “Can OnePlus get its groove back? A former fanboy’s perspective.

  1. I rocked the One, Three and Five then also lost interest and moved over to Samsung and I love it so much may never come back. Currently, that big ugly attention grabbing camera footprint gives me anxiety about using it in public. I'm still in the OneLess camp for now.

  2. Op 12 vs op 1 !? Well i really don't want to make that comparison. Simply because, times have changed! However, NGL op12 is pretty impressive compared to competition! The best part is, its stable , fast and just as good looking!

  3. Absolutely no idea what this guys talking about to be honest. Oneplus fairly recently released the best foldable on the market and showed up the biggest players in the industry with the oneplus open, basically putting 5 generations of Galaxy Fold to shame. Then after that they go and release pretty much the best phone of the year in the Oneplus 12. How is that not being able to get its groove back? Hankering all misty eyed for a bygone era of Smartphones is crazy. I still own a Oneplus one and supported the company from day 1. The Oneplus one was mainly received well as it provided a higher spec than other phones at a cheaper price and had a nearer stock android experience that was harder to come by at the time. But let's be honest the camera where hot garbage, the cyanogen collab fell to pieces fairly soon after release and the textured covers were a novelty at best. It was interesting for the era but as a device itself was limited and its success was more to do with getting people invested in the companies hype marketing strategy and the way they embraced the custom rom/mod community. Was by no means a particularly amazing product on its own merits.

  4. You are literally the first person who say the 12 lacks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ delete this video man bc you have no clue what you are talking about, no wonder you are bald. And you lie as well, you say 24 ultra has the best display, wait what now? It lacks behind in every major screen speck compared to the One plus 12. One plus screen is bigger, brighter, more pixel density, better resolution and more colors with 10bit screen while samsung still using 8bit. Like wtf is up with these youtubers not doing their homework before putting out a video πŸ˜‚

    When it comes to the cameras why downplay the One plus? It is better in many different scenarios than both the iphone and 24 ultra. Just watch this and hope you get a wake up call…….

  5. My first OnePlus device was the 8pro after i decided to quit paying for apple phones.

    Oxygen os it shipped with was amazing compared to the what ot turned into once they migrated with oppo and shared code with color os.

    Ive had the 10pro since launch snd ive regretted the decision. Oxygen os is now glitchy, slow and apps close.

    I cant wait to get info on the nothing phone 3.

  6. Dropping original oxygen os and going for coloros was a big let down for me. Now its os looks like any other cheap looking, poorly designed chinese ui out there like Xiaomi, vivo etc. stock Android looks incredible compared to anything out there.

  7. I love my One plus 7 pro Mc Laren edition because of the oxygen OS and the stock android experience but sine One plus is not the same anymore these days I’m into Google pixel because of stock android, pictures and Google updates as well.

  8. This phone is for people who don't want to get fleeced for all the best features that you can get on all the other phones. Find me another phone to call 7 or 800.00 with all the same features as the OnePlus 12 simple as that people who don't want to pay over $1,000 for a phone will buy this phone. This is my fourth OnePlus phone and it is my favorite. Also why is no one talking about the IR blaster, the $1300 24 ultra doesn't even come with that

  9. Fortunately my brand of choice, Xiaomi, is still fulfilling. It's still one of two brands that still allow you to unlock bootloader officially, do whatever with it, and not void your warranty provided you send it with the original ROM and bootloader relocked when you want to get it serviced. The phone that I'm currently using, Xiaomi 13 Pro, is my most loved one. In fact, every new Xiaomi phone I bought always give me the excitement of getting a better version of my previously best phone.

  10. Next month will be 2 years on my first and I think last OnePlus I own. I switched from iPhone after using one since 4s came out so it was a big deal.

    I got 9 Pro and at first I was so happy, everything was new but now two years in battery lasts me maybe an hour when I listen to music, last updates killed the camera (taking pictures now is just sad) and now two main features i was excited are gone.

    Can't wait to switch to either Samsung or even go back to Apple, which is not likely but my OnePlus made me consider it daily at one point.

  11. i also dislike the current course of OnePlus but due to a lack of alternatives in the same price bracket that were all missing something, I went to buy the OnePlus 11 and it's a great phone. Sure you could nitpick stuff, like the only good-to-mediocre camera but it's a snappy phone with good battery life and 100W fast charging. We're grown ups now and settled ourselves. It does meet my expectations from a nice fluid Android phone.

  12. Cyanogen, in my opinion was the best os. Theming peaked at that time. I still remember when we were able to completely change the look of system (including 3rd party apps like whatsapp)

  13. I think you need to move on get a girlfriend then you won't give a shit about the phone in your pocket about the OnePlus if i had the money i would buy every OnePlus phone starting with OnePlus open to me i don't care about the camera the ram and processor is what really matters without that phones are dead

  14. As an OP Fanboy, I am very disappointed as of today. Have used many OP phones starting with the OP One for which I remember my struggles to get an invite for. My OP 8 Pro went up in flames in my hand recently and the company has just denied any responsibility saying it was due to external factors.

  15. Should also mention that it was running CyanogenMod back then. It was a big deal because it was community customised Android ROM. Back when Samsung was running Touchwiz and HTC had Sense UI. Very rarely were there phones with stock Amdroid.

  16. I just flashed my final ROM on my OnePlus One, LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) with the February 2024 security patches. Google isn't testing subsequent security patches with Android 11 and the OPO won't run anything newer, so that's it. This ten year old phone is showing its age but it would still be usable in a pinch, and having support from the ROM community for ten years after release proves everything this video talks about.

    The OP3t (just retired along with the OPO, for the same reason) and OP7Pro, which I just updated to Android 14, are still running fast and smooth. Even the 3t, at seven years old, is snappy enough for daily use if it weren’t truly at the end of its support life. Those two are my favorite phones for their day, and the 7 Pro is probably still my favorite phone of today. But as of a month ago, I'm carrying a OP12. Why? Battery, modern features, better camera have something to do with it, but they’re not the main reason. I could keep using my 7 Pro but Android is big business now and Google is doing their best to discourage hobbyist use – key attestation, disabling device signatures, removing capabilities like RCS messaging and Google Pay from phones that have been modified. Other companies like Netflix have joined the party, removing HD video from modified phones, and don’t even think about using banking apps.

    I’ve had Android phones since the G1, and have rooted them all. I will not root my OP12, because Google has made the penalty for rooting too high. While I could extend the life of my Nexus 5 and OnePlus phones with custom ROMs after manufacturers dropped support, I don’t expect OnePlus will allow that by the time they drop support in five years. Instead, they will happily sell me a new phone, as will Samsung and every other manufacturer, who will keep updating for their promised lifespan but will probably make sure the user experience at the end of that time will drive users to the next new shiny object. Without a viable custom ROM option, we will be at the whim of whatever they decide.

    I will keep my 7 Pro up to date and use it as a portable WiFi device for things Google won’t let me do on the 12. But I can see the day is not far off where a device can either be a playground or a phone, but not both. With more phones than people in the world, the market has grown too large to allow hobbyists to fool around in it. We will probably not see the likes of old OnePlus again.

  17. Smartphones are no longer the new frontier in tech, I don't think that you can pull off the OnePlus One hype and experience anymore, with a smartphone anyway. Maybe one day with AR goggle…

  18. Are you me? Point for point (and phone for phone) you have articulated exactly how my feelings have evolved over time as well. I have no use for my OnePlus 7 pro anymore but I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

  19. It's also for me, for many of the same reasons commented about already; charging, software (it's a great experience), flagship specs at mid teir prices, etc. But mostly, in a world full of iPhone's and Samsung's, I feel like I'm unique and an individual.

  20. I was really close to buy the OnePlus One and the only thing that put me off was the invite system. I agree, that the landscape with tinkering and custom roms is no longer as alive as it used to be – people just want a phone that works and today almost any phone will do and you no longer gain as much with custom roms as you used to. Today normies just get an iphone or a samsung, techies get a pixel or the nothing phone 2. My all time favorite phone was the Xiaomi Mi A1 – metal body, stock android, good performance all around, no bloatware at $200. Xiaomi only made one like this before they started filling them up with crapware.

  21. It's not going to stay the same as the phone company matures its mission changes. Sorry but it's not always going to be for people who are excited but if you are excited you can still go and get lineage rom pixel ROM or Resurrection Remix OS. What you couldn't do on a Samsung or an iPhone because they have a locked bootloader so for enthusiast this is still a great phone

  22. This is for the person that still wants to charge her in the box this is for the person that doesn't want to pay $1,200 for their phone yet still wants a good phone. This is for the person that wants a good camera what is it going to nitpick when comparing it to the latest iPhone or Samsung it's close enough and it doesn't nice picture which is still better than my older phone. OnePlus 12 is for those of us that are fed up with people taking from us. I was a Samsung knight from the Note 2 to the note 9 then Samsung took away the headphone jack and then expandable storage which should still be on phones today with the high resolution photos and videos were taking to be able to take that off of your phone and easily transfer it to another medium was a very important feature. But then to pay $1,300 for a top-end phone and it not even include a charger. That's not environmentally friendly that's just bull sh**

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