One Of The Biggest Prison Escapes Ever…

In this video, I want to tell you a story about one of the biggest prison escapes that ever took place. And this happened at a prison where I had served time at. Only many years before I ever got there. This is one of the craziest prison escape stories I have ever heard about. And I hope you enjoy this video.

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44 thoughts on “One Of The Biggest Prison Escapes Ever…

  1. Anybody who has ever did any amount of time has at least thought of the idea of escaping. For guys serving life with no parole, I can't blame them if they try to escape. They have nothing to lose. They're never getting out so I can understand. Here in MS, its 5 years mandatory to even try and escape. Add 5 years onto life…big deal. That said, even if you get away, you'll always be a fugitive having to look over your shoulder. That ain't no way to live either but most inmates agree that they'd rather be a fugitive than a prisoner. You'd at least have a slim chance of getting away. I'll never understand guys who try to escape when they don't have much time. Better to do your short time than have an additional mandatory 5 years added on.

    Anyway, Good video, Joe.

  2. I feel bad for Stankey. It has to be just as hard if not harder getting out of prison after that much time then it is going to prison .. Goodluck. ❌🆘️❌🆘️❌🆘️❌🆘️❌🆘️❌🆘️❌

  3. You need to split your wig on the sides, find the closest trimmer, look like a mixture of white ice cube and Einstein 😂

  4. i was in the prison where all you had to do was rattle the door on your cell to get it to pop open. most of the guys were out when they should have been locked down.
    the COs would stay in their cages when people were out.

  5. So basically Palpatine gaining everything because the Jedi were too stupid to know it was Palpatine despite having obvious clues but with the escapees being Palpatine and the guards the Jedi xd

  6. Did you know that we must repent of our sins? Also, do you understand what sin is scripturally? Sin is transgression of the Law, 1John 3:4.
    We must also believe on The Master YAHUSHA and receive the covering and witness of YAHUSHA. We must also trust and obey YAHUSHA.
    What is the law? The law is the first five books of the bible.

    Yes, faith saves you. But did you know that TRUE faith will produce obedience? If we have genuine faith, we will obey YAHUAH’S law (TURAH) and we will repent (which means to turn away from our sins and stop sinning willfully.) If we ignorantly stumble into sin (remember that sin is the transgression/breaking of His laws) and trust in the Master YAHUSHA, He will forgive us. Favour is what allows us to be the men and women that YAHUAH the Father in Heaven called us to be. It allows us to obey through His Set-Apart (Holy) Ruach (Spirit). 🙂

  7. This was a great video Joe. Do you know of any other famous escapes or riots or whatever that you would like to make a video about? Would love to see it. Or if you can interview that lady from Full House! I am curious to hear how full her house is gonna be while she is locked up! I do wish her the best though.

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  9. Y’all wanna know something crazy?
    If you break out of jail in Germany and get caught, you won’t face ANY charges for that.
    That is because freedom is actually a basic human right over there, and they take that serious!!

  10. No prison is inescapable. If you can go in, you can go out. It's just a matter of how clever and savage you are. I'm still shocked that 6 death row prisoners made it outside and that nobody (especially the guards) was killed in the process. Their best weapon was probably the fact they were on death row. No guard would question what they're capable of once they get a hostage. That being said, if ADX has housed El Chapo this long, it's got to be pretty close to impossible to get out.

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