Nightwatch: A Paramedic’s Moral Dilemma (Season 4, Episode 5) | A&E

When a patient refuses treatment, paramedic Rush must decide whether or not to force him to go to the hospital in this scene from “Animal Instinct”. #Nightwatch
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Season 4
Episode 5
Animal Instinct

From executive producer Dick Wolf comes “Nightwatch,” an hour-long series following elite teams of emergency responders as they risk their lives to work the busiest and most unnerving shift of the day: the overnight shift in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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35 thoughts on “Nightwatch: A Paramedic’s Moral Dilemma (Season 4, Episode 5) | A&E

  1. America is a depressing place if people refuse medical treatment because of bills I’m from England all medical is free thanks to the NHS everybody pays a tax that funds it for everyone

  2. I agree with a lot of people in the comments saying the American healthcare system definitely sucks and something needs to be done about it. But here’s the thing with other comments I see. There is absolutely no such thing as free health care anyone that says differently is lying or trying to sell you something that money for health care didn’t come outta no where you’re still paying for it in some way shape or form

  3. EMT: ‘We want to provide medical attention without your consent, if you say no you will be arrested.’

    makes sense.

  4. I live in Montreal Quebec
    All medical bills are covered
    I am having an ICD ( defibrillator ) installed in my body in two weeks
    If it goes off, I will run into the ambulance if able.
    yes, I already had a triple heart bypass
    and had to pay ZERO Dollars
    even had a private room and fed three meals a day at no cost.
    I love Canada
    I really do not understand why the USA doesn't have free medical care like Canada.
    Look the way it works here is every person that has a job – as long as the employee is paid every paycheque money is automatically deducted from your paycheck and is placed in a medical fund.
    Money is pooled and when any Canadian citizen needs help, then Canada has the funds to pay OUR medical bill.
    I really hope this man lives to be 150 years old, I really do,
    People are TRYing to help him…Hope you still around bud.

  5. for anybody who’s wondering since they ain’t do a lil recap the man was fine. something was wrong with his difibulator however you spell that and it kept on misfiring so he went to the docs and fixed it for him.

  6. Our first responders know a lot more about our situations then we do. We shouldn’t play tough guy when we really need help . They are here to help us and without them we wouldn’t be here.

  7. There are enough programs out there, especially in Florida, that will either help pay or pay it in full. This man has an obvious disability, therefore he is definitely eligible for benefits, (SSA, Disability, Medicare) that cover all his medical expenses and usually free or greatly reduced ($2-$6) prescriptions.

  8. I see a lot of misinformation on the comment section. I used to be a patient rep in an emergency room here in New Jersey. Nobody is turned away because of insurance issues. That is why the hospital bills are high because others like you and I pay for the poor people. I’ve seen poor people get free health care all the time. There are plenty of State and Federal programs besides Medicare that take care of the poor. I’ve seen poor people get free taxi rides to and from the hospital where I worked.

    If you have a large bill and have no money or insurance you don’t pay a penny. It happens all the time. This myth about poor people being turned away simply is not true. The hospital even has social workers who will help you get government money for your stay. They will help you fill out the government forms. There are free clinics across the nation that are used by poor people besides the emergency room where I worked. There are federal laws that protect poor patients.

  9. I have an implanted defib. Mine comes with a monitoring device that contacts the company even if it's close to going off, they contact the Dr and his PA who calls right away to check on me.
    If the defib goes off and the heart goes back to norma a lot of timesl it won't show on an EKG unless the heart is in fibulation at the time they take it.

  10. Sure would be nice to see the complete episode and find out if this guy was ok or not. But, Noooooooo… greedy gus' has to have his and leave none for others

  11. Literally dying on the street but terrified he cant pay the bills and provide for his family. Living the American dream eh? Pfffffffft

  12. That paramedic has a BEAUTIFUL HEART! I know with MY mom this is what scares me and I would LOVE to know someone like him is taking care of her. I would feel secure and everything!

  13. that EMS guy talking about a "Baker Act" would be hunted down, and have that "Baker Act" shoved up his as… No means NO… The man knew the risk and CHOSE not to go with the paramedics.. That EMS as.hole shouldn't have that power… but at least it would give him 72 hours to run.

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