Battling Addiction And Living In A Halfway House

In this video, we sit down with ‘Herman” a man who is living in a halfway house while struggling with addiction. Wait till you hear some of the things he has to say about it all…

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32 thoughts on “Battling Addiction And Living In A Halfway House

  1. Herman has an incredibly distinct voice! With some training, he could do voice overs or commercials. Joe, I hope you can locate Herman for an update on his current situation. ✅

  2. Im pretty sure if you want to be employed at the ship yards, especially in Australia.
    You have to have a pretty clean criminal history. No drug charges and especially no supply charges.
    Yes Sir, a strong mind and a strong will, helps with beating addiction. When it comes to helping others in addiction. A certain amount of clean/sober time up your sleeve helps too. Or else you risk yourself being pulled back into addiction.

  3. In my opinion, when Joe initiates contact and films individuals such as Herman, Joe needs to make an agreement with them so that they understand what will be done for them. Otherwise, Joe is exploiting these individuals and potentially giving them false hope while potentially profiting financially via youtube views and advertising. APS Army is a community and in my view persons such as Herman should be given access to Joe's audience. That way, if the individuals who are providing Joe with valuable content do not advance with respect to recovery, they at least can potentially make friends with members of the APS Army and gain assistance in various forms. Otherwise, many of these people will be given a hope that is false. Then again, there is no hope in this world. Christ Jesus is the only hope.

  4. I was in a halfway house for 2 years after i lost everything to addiction. Was the youngest one their at 27 most other people were 40 or older. Took everything i had but I've been clean for 3 years now so its possible. I was addicted to H as well so prayers out to you.

  5. I love your show have been watching it for some time. I have been to prision 2 times in Texas and i am a recovering addict. All of my charges where from my addiction. I have been sober for 3 years and i love life now. I live in an Oxford House in Houston texas and was first in an Oxford House in Austin. That was the first time that i had been sober and had a really good set of friends and really enjoyed life. Oxford is not really a halfway house cuz after you are off the new commer contract you can come and go as you please. You can stay out and do what ever but you have to first stay sober and 2nd pay your share of the expenses. Anyone at anytime can ask anyone for a drug test but other thsn that you dont feel like you are in a sober living. I just do the right thing and you are good. I am going back to school to become a drug councilor. I want to pay it back. My only problem is that i am trying to go to school full time and i dont work too much. I have a lot of back child support from my years locked up and my addiction. Even though rent is not that much i am always behind or barley make it. I will get through it. I love the life i live now and i have a grear relashionship with my 2 daughters now that i never thought i would have. Anyways i try to help as many people as i can now and i am always here for another addict in recovery. I am working on helping people go right from prision into oxford. Oxford changed my life and i will always be greatful. Anyways if anyone ever needs to reach out to me im jay jayjaygriffin40 my number is 512 748 6085. Jay Jay Griffin. Thanks i try to live my life by positive mental attitude.

  6. "You can fool the fans, but you cant fool the players". From what I see, He will be fine if he wants to get better. I have known many men just like him. Mommy isnt around anymore and this guy can take care of himself. Accountability is something everyone should work on after becoming an adult. I'm not here to argue and I'm sure some may say I'm wrong. But please tell me what he needs if you have been able to help an addict? I want the answers because I have a brother, a cousin and a few friends in the same place. Everyone tries to help them but they are full of shit. Again, time to be a man. No one around to be mommy anymore. He looks in great health, talks about 15 dollars an hour! Which is not bad at all especially if you havent even been with the company for 1 year to prove you are worth more! And I'm 90% certain that type of work includes plenty of overtime with time and a half pay. All the addicts I have in my family or who I have ever tried to help are very good at winning you over and telling you what you want to hear. They know what puts you right in the palm of their hand. This guy needs to choose the right path or suffer the consequences. He can do it if he wants. Just like he says, you continue using or you dont…

  7. very glad you decided to upload this video. this man seems like he really wants to better him self joe give this man a chance. couldn't hurt you have helped worse and you continue to feature that dip shit griff who is full of shit and thinks he's so full of wisdom and wise words…j.s give this man an help aps can

  8. “You need to have your mind made up on if you want to continue using drugs or you don’t”

    I really believe that’s the key . You can go to rehab go to NA AA . At the end of the day it doesn’t matter . You need to decide wether your going to continue once you get sober

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