A Total Stranger Sent Me $5,000 Dollars…

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29 thoughts on “A Total Stranger Sent Me $5,000 Dollars…

  1. I had a guy I was playing online poker with give me $50k in 2 years and he never asked for anything and had a Wife and kids and knew of my Husband and Son. My Husband messed up our friendship by taking hundreds whenever he wanted as I had a couple of this guyโ€™s debit cards. My Husband mesmerized there number and took a hundred here and there the last few months of our friendship. My friend never spoke to me again and my Husband didnโ€™t tell me until 10 years later like a few months ago so my friend really thought I took from him and I would neverโ—๏ธ

    I hope my friend is doing wellโ—๏ธ

  2. Hey Joe, I'm sitting here writhing this as a 52 year old man. Out of those 52 years the better part 23 years was spent in prison. A big, huge, waste of my better years spent behind the wall, sleeping with my knife ALWAYS!! I'M Irish and polish, pure bred, and in New Jersey and N.Y. The gangs rule EVERYTHING! CO's show up for a check and take count. Most places the c.o. All let us know if we have a predator among us, and in the same breath tell us hey I'll be in the shitter, give me a holler if brass is walking ( meaning a sergeant or lieutenant are doing rounds) but commence to taking care of the kiddie raper! I watch your show here in you tube, at first I said what the f*** is this! Some dude bragging about being in prison, 7 years, shit I spent your time sitting on the toilet!! BUT, the reality is, it's not bragging, it's keeping it %100! I respect that! I just watched the clip on how you caught that 7 years, I laughed my was off, I too have gone through similar! Hey I've been out and clean for 6 years now, I have grandkids and others who love me and depend on me, going back would be a cop out! Jail is easy for me, in there I only have to eat, shit ,fight, and exist! I'd have NO RESPONSIBILITIES!! MAIL IS TO EASY! Right now I'm being evicted because my landlord won't make repairs, so I don't pay! We will make it though, always do!! Thanks for the laugh made my day. Oh I was in prison on A LOT of stuff but I'm no sex offender, rapist, or rat. I would NEVER do a burglary because I felt I'd be violating a person's personal kingdom,!! Weird but true.If get places that had insurance, I'd guess I'm a criminal with morals!

  3. i think we all take things or people for granted sometimes due to just life , work , wife but just admitting that you feel
    you did means you care and have empathy and wish you could maybe done something different , i feel that all the time , sometimes i
    mean to do really good acts on people i might but do not come through and get lazy but this video is gonna make me reach out to a few people that need me or act of kindness from me and i will follow through this week … you a solid dude and a great person , i can tsay i even know people half as good as you but wish for much more success for you and im sure you will keep doing great in life .

  4. GUERRERO He gave you 5k but you're about pursuing charges against Brian for 2k?? You dont deserve that 5k then. You lack mercy and grace and compassion looking like a fraud to me

  5. This was a year jerker. I'm sure he was an amazing man. I bet he would love what you're doing! Maybe give the customer the option of a few places to donate when they purchase? I would like to see it go towards helping drug and alcohol addiction.

  6. This man not only saw your purpose but your heartand everything you do and all the people you help and he wanted to help you help othershe did what he did for a reason and you should have no reason to feel bad for that you are not a piece of shit you are actually the number one success story of the after prison show and I think that should be recognized you honestly do nothing wrong and only try to do good I commend you for that sir you are more than a great person ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  7. I just ran across your channel a couple of weeks ago. I've been bingeing. ๐Ÿ˜† I think you're a awesome guy. I've never been to prison. I just think you're interesting. Don't be so hard on yourself. Thanks for the laughs. Also I hope I never have to do time cause I hate Ramon noodles. ๐Ÿ˜œ

  8. After prison fund. Provides services to those recently incarcerated and struggling. Ie job hunting things, referrals and detailed info on programs and state help. And maybe someone to talk to in general. After my time in prison and the struggles of the life i lived before that i find myself needing soooo much help but having nowhere to turn to. There really are not that many private/nonstate funded resources that target convicts

  9. I'd be exactly the same you wouldn't for one second think anyone would want to help never mind give you cash .But fair play Joe respect to your honesty x

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