Mini Cooper Oil Leak Repairs (R56/N14)

When I bought my 2007 Mini Cooper S, it’s main issue was a massive oil leak. I came to find out that the most likely cause of this leak was the oil feed line going to the turbo.

In this video I show you how to replace the oil feed line with an upgraded unit. I also show how to seal the leaks in the oil cooler housing. These repairs will go a long way to fix or prevent oil leaks on the front of the N14 engine found in the R56 Mini.

If you want to see how to remove the front end of a Mini for easier access to the engine, watch this video:

The part kit I used:

Oil Cooler Seals (sold separately):

Oil Filter:

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47 thoughts on “Mini Cooper Oil Leak Repairs (R56/N14)

  1. Hi! Nice and detailed video ✌🏼I'm actually experiencing the same problem with my Mini. Can I ask you how much time it took you to do all that? I know the video is old but thanks anyway.

  2. I just did this today. I didn't remove the font end since i wasn't trying to give the service manager a heart attack!!! But maybe next time if we're slow 🐌.

  3. I have a leak on my Mini Cooper D (08) at the minute. Don’t even want to get it fixed just can’t trust garages ripping me off. Told me they’d need to take the engine all to bits? Very frustrating and costly. Appreciate the vid

  4. That's awesome! how much would something like this cost. I have a mean leak near the oil cooler and plastic valve cover (pcv valve).

  5. Hii, I have a question. Do you still know where you get that steel flex cable from/is it in the complete package included? I'm looking forward to an answer. 🙂

  6. I've got an r55 and have a leak above the gasket. Seems like there is a sensor there of some sort. Any ideas? It's round and I'm thinking the 0 ring is done

  7. Thank you for this. Excellent video, narration, & documentation. Some other good 'How To's' fall short on video/pic quality. Your video resolution is excellent and is apparent lighting was well done for this. 👍👍

  8. Thanks for the video Eric! I just put the engine in after fixing the frame and noticed it leaks here. Gotta say, I really hate working on these. There is no room, anywhere and nearly every job requires removal of the front. They really should just do away with bolts and assemble the car with Velcro.

  9. Does someone have a video of how to replace the transmission cooler on the mini cooper . ! Please and thank you !, I think mine is clogged up. Doing the weird shift lock thing. Only happens when the car warms up. I think its clogged,

  10. Hi Eric, quick question sir. can i know the parts like a black small motor attach to the bracket under neat the
    oil filter housing please. You didn't mention the name of that part sir.

  11. I was happy to come across this video and the mention of hydrostatic lock… I definitely blew out all the liquids in ANY bolt hole. I replaced all these oil lines and after a little bit deeper inspection of my turbo it was toast 🤣🤣🤣… that thankfully a self explanatory process and a ton of cleaning involved. Overall this video helped the most!

  12. yo he tenido la misma falla en mi motor , que esta montado en un citroen c4 gran picasso , pero saque los protectores del turbo y el catalizador , luego desmonte los 4 tornillos que sugetan el turbo al motor y desconecte la linea que el desconecta en los 6min 40 segundos , desconectando el turbo por la parte oxidada 4 tornillos, no hace falta desconectar la bomba de enfriamiento de aceite y solo hay , qie mover la linea y luego sacarla y replazarla por una nueva . suerte

  13. Thank you for this especially the oh s&%t moment when coolant ran over the floor briefly. Got to that spot in Deconstruction and paused . . . Wait. Why don't I move my coolant drain pan . . .

  14. Great stuff! Quick Q: I am just learning so still taking it to a mechanic. Have. A 2011 Countryman S massive oil leak out of nowhere. They’re stumped but said leak is coming from galley plug? Can’t figure out why. Any thoughts? Thx

  15. Thank you so much for this video Eric, I just recently completed this repair on my wifes 2010 Mini Clubman S. And this video and the front end removal video were extremely helpful. I got the parts you gave the link to and just followed your lead, thanks again.

  16. Have the same mini same year , my problem is that when it rains all my gauge light are on, wipers run by themselves and power steering is gone, what part can cause this?. I've replaced the steering column thing and no luck :/

  17. I just did a bunch of work to my R52 and that one you're working on there looks way more complex 😅 I did an oil pan gasket, crank position sensor O-ring, oil filter housing gasket, a coupler for the heater core, serpentine belt, CV axle, transmission fluid, upper engine mount, and lower engine brace. Now it's riding a lot smoother!

  18. Just bought a R56 with N14 motor as well. Mine is an 09. had a crack in the oil housing where the filter attaches. I had no desire to do that repair myself so i paid 1200.00 for someone else to do it while i played video games all day. Great video

  19. how are you Eric, I have the same problem in my 2012 mini cooper s, I already did everything you do in the video but my car still drips oil, what do you think the problem might be, or what do you think I could do wrong? thank you i wait for your answer

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