Mini Cooper N14 Bent Valve Repair (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of the Mini Cooper N14 bent valve repair video. In this video I reinstall the cylinder head and also get it running again.

Here’s a link to (Part 1):

I cover diagnosis of bent valves in this video:

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Ingersoll Rand 3/8″ Impact:

1/4” Milwaukee Driver:

Milwaukee 1/2” Impact:

Milwaukee 3/8″:


Lisle Valve Keeper Tool:

OTC Valve Spring Compressor Tool Kit (a better option):

Valve Lapping Tool (small):

Engine Assembly Lube:

Valve Lapping Compound:

Timing Chain Tools (Includes flywheel holder):

Torque Wrench:

Torque Angle Gauge:

Hose clamp plier set:

Small Hose Clamp Plier Set:

Long Breaker Bar:


N14 Exhaust Valves:

N14 Head Gasket:

N14 Head Bolts:

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49 thoughts on “Mini Cooper N14 Bent Valve Repair (Part 2)

  1. I'm right in the middle of replacing my head gasket on my grand cherokee 4.0 I6 but after watching you do this fiasco I don't feel quite so bad there is no comparison. Cheers from Jacksonville Florida

  2. Man Eric you are an automotive genius. I don’t think a doctor has any more total knowledge in their head than you. Great video!!!

  3. at min:14:45 do i always have to put the pistons at neutral and same position like here? i need to replace the head gasket. thanks in advanced Eric

  4. Great info i have an r52 with w11 engine and i have thought about getting a mini with a n14 what mileage does the chain normally fail

  5. Maybe you didn’t show it all in this video,but I’ve never seen a timing chain removed without the timing cover taken off and same with get the timing correct at the crankshaft you have to be able to see the timing marks it’s impossible without the removal of the timing cover.

  6. Installation of camshafts while 2 open valves are supporting the whole head on the table. Cleaning DI injector tips with carb cleaner and a brush. Lubicating teflon rings. Using the most important crankshaft stress bolt a second time…
    Please people, don't try this at home …

  7. Hi Eric may i ask how long a time duration it was from the time you first fitted the new chain and guide rails till it bent the valves,like was it over a period of time or did it happen on fireup? Also how you did torque settings on the cams and crank bolts is exactly how i used to adjust the rocker arm/pushrod adjust on my old small block chev? Good job by the way congrats

  8. I have the same car, the Peugeot engine is problematic.. most problems with these are the high pressure fuel pump. thermostat housing..turbo oil feed pipe(I have replaced all of them) on my 2007 cooper s r56 n14 engine..

  9. hi Eric ive just replaced my r56 timing chain as it failed on an emissions test over here in the uk, was showing as the cam sensors advanced timing errors etc, chain was slack and the guides was all brittle, on starting engine with new chain kit and tensioner it is throwing approx 4 vanos codes up and the engine is really flat on acceleration, is there anything i could have done wrong or is there anything else i need to do after changing, help would be much appreciated thanks in advance Kev

  10. Eric, you are a legend sir !!!
    I’ve recently discovered your mini series, and it’s been absolute gold for me – I’ve had a troublesome mini that’s been on and (mostly) off the road for a while …..and thanks to you videos I’ve managed to get it back up and running better than it’s been for some time !
    Thank you so much, you’ve saved me a fortune in garage fees and what’s more I’ve discovered a love of back-street mechanics that I never knew I had ! Keep up the great work and take it from me you certainly live up to your hero (and mine) Ed China !!
    All the best, Steve. Yorkshire, England.

  11. with the cost of maintenance on any car, especially the Mini. I have tackled a lot on my own. Just did a trans swap a few months ago, and now need to do a timing chain on my 07 Mini. Thanks to videos like this and having some mechanical ability I am not afraid to tackle those tasks. Besides you can still put it in the trash if its in pieces and doesn't run. What have you lost?

  12. I do not suggest spraying break cleaner on aluminum. Chlorinated one specially creates a harmful gas which you breath. Try Purasolve break cleaner. At least it has lower toxicity then some others.

  13. Hello, To change the bent valve do I have to take whole engine out of the car? Or I am able to take the cylinder head by keeping the engine inside the car? Thanks.

  14. Greetings.I am from Slovenia and have a good time following your contributions.A second time I apologize for my English.Now to the problem that I have.Last you serviced a mini with 1.6 thp engine with n14 if I know well and now I wonder if it has peugeot rcz 200 the same type of engine? The engine started to smoke and drink more oil than before 1l 1000km.Sumim on teflone.Thank you and so on.

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