2007-2013 Mini Cooper S (R56) Battery Replacement

This video covers the battery replacement in a 2007 Mini Cooper S (R56) with an N14 engine. This information will also apply to some other Mini models where the battery is located below the windshield.

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Battery Cleaning Tool 1: https://www.jbtoolsales.com/k-tool-70220-battery-terminal-cleaner-all-metal-brush-and-cover#oid=1002_1

Battery Cleaning Tool 2: https://www.jbtoolsales.com/otc-4612-4-way-battery-post-cleaner#oid=1002_1

Battery: https://www.rvautoparts.com/L247C-Exide-Technologies-Battery-OE-Replacement_p_435659.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8MvWBRC8ARIsAOFSVBXGtBFLicjcnQFWivK1y43qJN7eYsp7MetocD-Pw01xfdpW52IHxpUaAuFOEALw_wcB

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30 thoughts on “2007-2013 Mini Cooper S (R56) Battery Replacement

  1. I know you have a thing for battery terminals, so was surprised you don't add anything to prevent corrosion. My dad was a motorhead and mechanic, and always threw a little vaseline on the terminals to forestall that. I've done that on and off with different cars, and the ones I've kept long enough to warrant new batteries have need had an issue with corrosion when I used it.

  2. Can I ask if you will lose radio codes or anything when disconnecting power? I changed one on my daughters Suzuki Swift and had to put power to the battery leads whilst I disconnected and removed the old one until the new one was connected up – for that very reason.
    Many thanks for info on dismantling though – mine is the same just reversed for UK model (battery on right looking from front)

  3. Did you have any problems with the computer when you put in the new battery? I've heard horror stories about how the computer gets messed up and can short out when you do this and with the car's computer problem history, I'm afraid to try.

  4. My 2010 Mini Cooper's battery went dead so I unplugged the battery and recharged it up. When I replaced cables, motor is running rough and check engine and flat tire warning lights are showing. Checking around it seems that the ECU might need to be reprogrammed to accept the battery? Any ideas about how to do this without having to tow the car to the dealer?

  5. Thank you so much! It took me 3 Months to finally try it (was scared) but you did an amazing job explaining what to do – and I never felt like I didn’t know what I did. So once again: Thank You!

  6. Eric i need some help I have a 2008 mini cooper s turbo hard top just like in the video.I have no reverse lights,fuses are good ,bulbs are good,just sent out FRM module for test good,I believe this model doesnt have a resese switch ,Anything im missing ??? suggestions thanks Gary gary_glynn@cable.comcast.com

  7. Anyone-? Does a 2008 mini cooper s show a battery sign in dash area if battery is going out? My engine light was on for awhile, looked into other things…when my battery died 2 times on me, i jumped it twice worked for another 3 mnths…now ir dies and i replaced with a new one-its running great and engine light finally went off? But i mever saw a battery sign go on???

  8. Is there any kind of reprogram for these batteries ? One of the advisors told me they had to reprogram the car once they put in a new battery.

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