The Jacksons A Family Dynasty Sneak Peek | A&E

Behind the headlines lies a captivating family, whose lives have been
unwillingly played out before cameras for decades. After 40 years in
the business together, Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon, have sold more
than 250 million albums worldwide.

Now, the brothers allow unprecedented access into their world as they
record newmaterial and rehearse for a concert celebrating the 40th
anniversary of The Jackson Five. “The Jacksons A Family Dynasty” will
chronicle the brothers’ relationships with each other, their parents and
their children, while also balancing the demands of their professional
commitments and celebrity. The series will also document the brothers’
coming to terms with Michael’s tragic loss and how to properly honor his

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36 thoughts on “The Jacksons A Family Dynasty Sneak Peek | A&E

  1. @teesha1020 yea same i've only watched d first 2 episodes
    i live in ireland
    can u send me a link 2 d third 1 if u dnt mind….??

  2. @7oxMISSYxo7 Tito's all cool about it,hes like "You guyz sound like the Sepremes in there" and then Jermaine is like…."Shut Up !" Favorite part lol

  3. i don't understand…i have not seen this show yet.. but..are they going to perform?? how could they..without michael..or are they going to release new songs???

  4. I'm watching the show right now. It seems as though as Marlon gets older, he looks more and more like his father, Joseph Jackson. Never noticed that before until tonight when he smiled a certain way.

  5. I love you all, Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine! Thank you for this! Michael and your family are the world to me!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  6. They were not having a party, but moving on with their lives the best way they know how and that is by creating music and performing. The brothers miss Micheal dearly, you could see that when toured where Michael was going to perform and the when they saw the play Thiller. And for their mother, she was there to support Tito as she did when Micheal performed. She loved Michael with all her heart and he the same way. Shame on for saying that about her.

  7. well yes… the first one was taped before…. but they keep taping after Michael´s death… in the second episode you can see Jermaine organizing the Tribute in Viena…… I just can´t believe it….
    I can´t imagine loosing a brother and having plans for realities and tours…. added that Michael was a part of it in some ways.. I just can´t believe it…. I guess it´s human nature….

  8. It's amazing to me that people are quick to criticize the Jackson family for having this show on the air. This was in the works long before Michael passed away. I remember hearing about it earlier this year.

    The media was the biggest enemy of Michael; do not let that apply to his family as well. Just remember that we never hear the whole story about him nor his family; only what's seems to trickle out years later.

    I've been a huge fan of the Jacksons for most of my life. I do miss MJ though

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    And how have the jackson brothers exploited MJ much more than his accusers and AIG. You can at least answer that question, right? Have a nice life bopperella.

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  13. It's not a sense of loss it's a sense of guilt that you and these other bulldaggers feel because you mistreated him while he was here. And yes you have to be family to feel THEIR pain a sense of loss is a different story but when you become so selfish and arrogant as to say you feel their loss all the while criticizing them at the same time. You single self righteous bops are something else.

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  16. MsKim14

    Cry me a river. You became a fan on June 25th. And you don't feel their pain and sadness. They are his family you aren't. If you want sympathy go to sacoo33. And the reality show wasn't a forum for showing their grief it was to document their 40th anniversery. They cannot control the fact that Michael died 5 months later so tone down the criticism and stop replying to me. Have a nice life.

  17. freejdc1
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