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The parents talk about communication problems and the biggest frustrations they have with their kids, and Sandra demonstrates her struggle to wake Sean up every morning in this web exclusive. #BornThisWay

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Born This Way
Season 2
Episode 206
Great Expectations

“Born This Way” follows a group of seven young adults born with Down syndrome as they pursue their passions and lifeaong dreams, explore friendships, romantic relationships, and work, all while defying society’s expectations.

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36 thoughts on “Born This Way: Home Movies: Frustrations (Episode 6) | A&E

  1. I absolutely love Rachael!! She is so mature, and the way she gives advice and tells people right from wrong, and if one of her friends did something wrong or mean she calls them out on it and tells them why it wasn’t nice!!

  2. Shawn being picked up by his job coach in this video was a very short term situation. It has to be for the job he got at Home Depot. If you remember there was a shot of him in the show wearing a Home Depot apron but for some reason we never saw him at his job at Home Depot in Born This Way. It's because I am pretty sure that after two days of having to go to work he literally refused to get up get dressed and go with his job coach to work. So everyone always talks about how much people with Down Syndrome want jobs but Sean was given a job and it only took him two days to realize he actually definitely did not want a job. He's extremely lazy and it was a rude awakening I think for him to actually have to get up and go to work for a whole 8 hours. Even if he didn't have to do that much he's used to sleeping half the day and watching TV the other half the day. So they kept it all hush-hush on the show but Sean got a job and quit it immediately. He realized it was much easier to pretend he owned the t-shirt business that is mom actually owns and just sleep all day again and watch TV while stuffing his face. Any anyone who doesn't believe Sandra 100% owns Seanese, just google Sandra's LLC – Essentialseasy, LLC, which has. DBA for the fictitious company "Seanese". She's required to post the fictitious business listing stating that Seanese isn't an actual company – its just a name that Essentialseasy, LLC does business as. It lets her have the tax benefits of owning a small business, and not mess with Shawn's state handouts from taxpayers by not letting him have any actual income. Shawn isn't as stupid as he looks. He gets to live the exact same way whether he works or not, so of course someone as super lazy as Shawn is gonna choose to not work. Sandra just doesn't want people knowing b/c I'm sure she thinks it makes him look bad. The show goes on and on about people with DS desperately wanting to work, and Shawn quits in 2 days. He was just TOLD to always say he wanted to work. But when he had to experience the REALITY of working he acted like the baby he is and just plain refused to go. It's not like he has to worry about paying rent or Bill's. He's fully taken care of by the taxpayers of California.

  3. Yes, shawn is a spoiled baby who keeps arguing b/c he is STARVED for attention. I'm guessing b/c he was invisible in HS, and his parents probably learned how to ignore him a lot too. Sadly, in interviews with his mom with him he's immediately said the thing he wants the most is attention. But it's understandable why people ignore him. Because he rarely has anything useful to say, he just wants nonstop attention

  4. This was back before the show was 100% propaganda and agenda driven. ACTUALLY talking about things they can't do or had problems with? This would NEVER have been in any episode after season 2.

  5. great show. But, even with a disability, discipline and structure should always be there, especially children with disabilities. This kid seems to have a lot of trouble following a routine. If I had to guess, it's because someone has catered to his every whim. I know he needs help and a parent should always be there, but catering to him at all times will lead to him not following any direction or routine.

  6. I have a younger sister with Down Syndrome. I thought this Google site provides info regarding local activities and contacts for my sister's social life. What a disappointment that I can't find ANY info to help my sister. P.s., Love the Show!

  7. i love love love this show i am a single mum with a down syndrome 7 year old little girl from new zealand savanah and i are big fans of mums dads and kids im learning so much from born this way thank you thank you love you all

  8. Sean can kinda be irritating but he is hilarious bit stubborn and a Lil selfish… which has nothing to do with his disability… its just his personality.

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