AfterPrisonShow: Life after killing an abusive spouse

Life after killing an abusive spouse An everyday woman and mother who had never before been in trouble… Yet who suffered from physical abuse for YEARS at the hand of her husband, is put in a position where she must decide whether it’s going to be either ” her of him…”
The decision she made cost her 13 years of her life and EVERYTHING she had..! Now after prison and with “murder on her record, hear her story of what it’s like trying to readjust to a work that didn’t even have SMART technology when she left it..
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  1. My exhusband once know kicked me down the stairs and stomped on my stomach while pregnant. The same thing happened to me with cops I called for help and they threatened to put my daughter who was 3 months at the time in foster care. I never called for help again no matter had badly I’d been beating. Luckily my father was able to get me and my daughter one day while my ex was at work. I left with a diaper bag and the clothes on my back.
    To those that blame battered women it can happen to anyone. No wife beater punches you on the first date. It’s a slow thing they break you down. They get you away from friends family. They make you think your crazy that your to blame. My ex to the outside world was charming and was good at making people think I was the issue.
    To anyone reading this who is abused please leave. Once he hits you he will do it again. There is help

  2. "I feared for my life and my children's'" At Least in Australia it is up to the court to prove you didn't before you can be charged for murder, this woman was innocent IMO, how sad.

  3. A little iffy about her story. He pulled a gun on a staircase landing. Hit her with it. Then set it down to hit her some more…. Set it down on the steps… Iffy

  4. Wow! It's crazy watching Joe at the beginning. Thanks for leaving all of your old videos up Joe. I am using these to help me start my channel. Thanks for the inspiration brotha, and I hope Meghan is doing well after all these years.

  5. I was with her until i heard she refused to let the kids testify, "i didnt want to put them through that"… but 13 years of foster care is better? If her story was true, a testimony from them would prove her side, that makes me skeptical.

  6. Is there any update on Erin!?
    I would like to know more about how she's doing now… Does she have a job? Does she have her kids? Where were her kids while she did her time?
    Thank you for sharing her story!
    Definitely something very mind blowing!
    She didn't deserve 13yrs, let alone Any time!!

  7. but HOW DARE YOU, the audacity of having a fucking terrorist as your husband then hiring a goddamn black attorney to represent you!

  8. My sister went through abuse at the hands of her 3 daughter's father. I am not proud to say i wanted to kill him when i was a 12 year-old.

  9. My sister tells me that one day he went after one of her girls, and that was when momma bear came to life. She grabbed him around the neck and was chocking him. She looked him in the eyes and said, if you ever touch one hair on my babies head, i will end you.

  10. How did she get convicted guilty? Clearly she is innocent and was protecting her family as well as herself. I know this is a late comment, but man!

  11. Definitely a Hampton Roads story.
    How many times does an abusive man admit that he abused his wife? You think a man who beats his woman is going to be the honest one? It's bullshit and keeps women in abusive relationships until they are killed.
    This woman sacrificed 20 years of her life to save her kids. (7 years marriage home incarceration + state incarceration)
    How many children have lost their mothers to abusive spouses? How many women have simply disappeared while being slandered by her murderer "she ran off with another man and abandoned her kids".
    I havent watched this whole video yet but I am interested to hear if she has any regrets.

  12. Joe, do you ever speak with her? Is she doing okay? I can't see how she wouldn't be but we both know how hard it is to come out and face this so-called free world. Not the first time I have watched this, but first time with this id.

  13. So this woman marries a Kuwaiti national and he thought he could beat women like they do in his country and boy he found out that it's not like that. So she kills him in self defense and then hires a black lawyer and they tell her not to take it to trial cause 9/11 just happened and they would think she married a terrorist. Man that's total bullshit. I was 21 years old when 9/11 happened and if this happened in my state which is also a commonwealth ( Massachusetts) and if she would've taken this to trial I would have voted not guilty. Just cause she married a Kuwaiti national doesn't mean he's a terrorist. She should've fired that lawyer and found a new one and taken it to trial. This woman's record needs to be cleared of all her charges cause she did the right thing, especially if he was going after the kids with a gun. You know they always tell women to stick up for themselves when it comes to spousal abuse and she did and this is how they treated her, like a criminal. Man our justice system sucks and has sucked for years now. I hope she's doing good now.

  14. Should of went to trial and said she killed him because of his views towards America on top of that self defense lol

  15. She shouldn't have spent one single day locked up, she should of been helped out as much as possible after she eliminated the threat!

  16. Damn, I feel bad for this woman. She spent her entire life being heavy set and due to that, she had zero self confidence, felt that this guy who was probably the 1st man to pay attention to her, that she had to do whatever she could to hold on to him. Her piece of shit husband knew this and took advantage of her very low self esteem. Then on top of that, she felt so badly about herself that she endured physical abuse from this man for YEARS all because she didn't think she could do better nor deserved better. The only reason she shot this man was because she genuinely believed he was going to hurt their little girl. It wasn't even to protect herself. The line he crossed that forced her hand was threatening to hurt that little girl. How was she supposed to think he wouldn't do it, he had just gotten done beating her fucking head in with the butt of a GUN. she no doubt believed he would hurt their baby girl. He got what he deserved and she should've walked as it was self defense. Who among you would take a beating from someone and then believe that person wouldn't hurt a child after them threatening to do so? Would you sit by and watch it happen? I sure as hell wouldn't. I have 2 teenage daughter's and I'll tell you, if ANYONE even threatened to hurt them, I'd take the necessary steps to ensure they would never touch my kids. Even just threatening to do it, would cause me to go into a rage that wouldn't be easily defused.

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