Mini Cooper Parking Brake Cable Replacement

This video will walk you through the steps needed to replace the parking brake cables on your Mini Cooper. The vehicle in the video is an R56 Mini, but the information will apply to other Minis with a similar parking brake design.

Video on Mini Interior Removal:

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AC Delco RT Cable 18P97004 (these did not work for my application):

AC Delco LF Cable 18P97005 (these did not work for my application):

Left Cable that did work G2NMB2210:—Mini-Cooper–S-R56-R57-R58-R59

Right Cable that worked G2NMB2211:–S-R56-R57-R58-R59


1/4″ Milwaukee Driver:

Ingersoll Rand 3/8″ Impact:

Milwaukee Light:

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47 thoughts on “Mini Cooper Parking Brake Cable Replacement

  1. Oh yea I’ll do that it looks a piece of piss oh the bolt for the bracket is rusted ok spray socket round of swear drill then drill some more I now need a new bracket bolt lol managed it tho cheers

  2. Just did my cables, one side grabs other doesn’t. 2001 mini r53 with disk brakes. Could it be a seized caliper? Brakes still have meat on them, no off wear on either side. Is there an adjustment screw on the caliper for the ebrake? Am i missing something?

  3. Anyway… general note for ppl tackling this job, it's dead easy to do & for the R55/56 the interior end of the brake cable now has plastic locking tabs & no longer have the annoying metal ring of doom, so replacement is much easier & quicker to carry out, in my case r55 clubman it's taken me less then an hour to complete & that's using axle stands.

  4. It's funny how ppl jump at the chance to slate the bmw mini as problematic when if you look at most other ranges/models of cars you'll actually see similar issues..
    Also noting these cars also begun life during renovations ie direct inject BMW was one of the 1st manufacturers to implement it, so it's not unusual to find issues after a period of time, especially when production numbers are in the tens of thousands.. also noting alot of ppl making comments usually aren't old enough to drive let alone have never actually driven a car of any form except on a game/PC system.

  5. 45 degree pick – interior cable end: spin the flared spring keepers to where they are slotted, pry the keepers out of their locations.
    Long hawksbill pliers – cable above exhaust: pry the cable from its two (each cable) plastic semi-circular retainers. Pull and guide cable out towards rear.

    Put a light inside car at cable entry holes. Route cable from back to front, use long hawksbill pliers to guide inner cable end over exhaust and into interior holes.

    Keep exhaust installed.
    I did this on 2004? Mini Cooper S with dual exhaust and all sorts of this that and the other in the way. No way I was gonna drop that exhaust.
    Took about two hours total, including jack up the car etc.

    Stay gold.

  6. Driver side on mine wont release all the way. 2007 with 175k on it. Just things you learn to live with or fix.helps to have mechanical ability, and a garage to work in..

  7. Hey Eric, quick question. How come the first set of cables didn't fit? I have a 2008 R56 Base Hatch Back, Non-S. Which one should I get? My right parking brake is sticking and dragging every time when I release the parking brakes.

  8. I love that you included the hiccups along with the video.. if someone makes something look super easy, and i run into a snag trying to follow, its terribly disheartening. Seeing it give a pro a bit of a battle from time to time helps me keep my head in the right state!

  9. "Brake cables? What is this 1930?!…… Oh.. the parking brake… okay I get it now." Welcome to my brain, for a couple minutes I thought they actually had mechanical non-hydraulic brakes..

  10. You’ve mentioned that AC Delco RT Cable 18P97004 did not so? Was it too short/long? I have a mini 2006 R50 and i just got what i ordered which is the exact same cable that did not work in your car..

  11. Common problem is an understatement it should be guarenteed problem. Its that reliable with mini problems. In my case most of my problems were caused by a hack mechanic at the dealership i bought it from $3,500 in parts at 3 months of my time to correct issues that he caused.

  12. I have a question I need brakes on my Honda civic so should I replace the brakes first and then have a alignment.. I just had Two axles down and struts

  13. Hey Eric, thanks for the video. I was wondering if you could comment on the use of power tools for automotive work? I've always struggled with ratchets and doubling up wrenches – and have gotten real good at it, but these days the amount of time I spend wrenching is getting a bit ridiculous. I always assumed I would need an air tool, but are there handheld powerdrills you would recommend? (have you already made a video about this already?) – and what kind of drivers and sockets work well with these tools? Thanks!

  14. That nut on the handbrake cable dos not adjust the handbrake!!
    It adjust the NEW cables to correct length, it should not be ever adjust after wards before you install again new cabels!!!!!!!
    So many times i had to come there when for some reason brakes are stuck on and co figure the cabel is adjusted so short it allready pulls the caliber leaver.
    i mean omg! so much un needed time used for simple fix that didnt need to be done in firsth plase, on so many cars.

  15. Sorta related question, but I had bought new rotors for my car off amazon and I noticed that the holes where the wheel studs go through, those diameter holes are a bigger diameter than the wheel studs is that a bad thing? Because that means there is rotational play/movement of the rotor on the hub where it will hit the sides of the studs. Anyway, thanks for your help. Also, this e brake video may still come in handy when/if I have to do a service on it too even though it's not the same car.

  16. Hey Eric! How do you feel about doing a fixing it forward on a 2003 honda odyssey? My brother in law Jon was recently hospitalized and his wife is a stay at home mom with three little girls. I went and picked up the van to clean it while they were all at the hospital (unbeknownst to them) and found the rear passenger seat belt is completely broken. I know this is a reach, but I am in the area (Liberty Township) and I know it would mean the world to them to come back to a clean 100% operational van. Thank you for all of your videos, you're the reason I started working on my own vehicles.

  17. "Use BMW Special Tool 34 6 330 to force parking brake cable barbs free of body." ~ Bentley Service manual (for my R53)

    Yeah, it's basically what you're doing with the deep-well socket, lol

  18. Hey Eric, I am writing an article for my blog about gimmick tools. can you help me think of some more? Or anyone reading this? I am trying write a list of tools that may sound cool, but will just sit in your toolbox and not be touched. I just realize it is harder than I thought to write, because even tools people thrash online somehow still have like 4-5 star reviews on Amazon (even though I would probably never use them).

    Any thoughts on what I am missing?

  19. struggling to watch the series Eric i think you do a great job and i thank you for that just thought i let you know since ive been watching you a long time. feel like its just because i dont care you know. with the fairmont i wanted to see it finished so i watched all the videos (missing the end btw) and the fixing it forward series i loved because it was very interesting to me. and Brian i feel he made your videos more entertaining now with the head cam its rather annoying. and just this mini series its just i dont care about it dont care if it works or not. not sure how to explain it but just struggeling to be entertained when watching usually turn off like half way though. when before i could watch your vids all day. usually never leave comments but wanted to let u know. not trying to put you down or anything saying this in the kindest possible way cause you've helped me alot in the past. thanks

  20. Hey Eric. Do you know when cars with 5 speed trans started coming out? When did that transition from 4 speed change to 5 speed gearboxes? Love your videos by the way.

  21. I really lov watching your videos man, for the past couple of months now I haven't done any mechanical work now and watching your vids every weekend keeps my knowledge fresh of everything I know. You makes everything look easy.

  22. Owning like 10 cars in my life, ranging from 20k-250k miles on them, I have never had a parking brake cable problem. But again, none of them were Minis.

  23. I don't have a Mini and I never will. I watched the video because it's NOT A FAIRMONT and I want to encourage Eric to do more repair and service videos. Maybe, some day, we'll bet back to Honda/Acura.

  24. +EricTheCarGuy I need your help I have a lancer 98 with carburetor and the rings and valves were changed but we don't have the vacuum map where the hose once were and the car is burning too much fuel any idea where I can get this map? Thanks

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