Mini Cooper N14 Bent Valve Repair (Part 1)

This can happen if the timing chain on your N14 skips time and bends valves which is a common issue.

I cover diagnosis of bent valves in this video:

Here’s a link to (Part 2):

This video walks you through the process of replacing bent valves in an N14 engine. It covers cylinder head removal, cam shaft removal, timing chain removal, and also valve removal.

See the ‘Related Videos’ section for additional videos on front end removal as well as other Mini Cooper repairs.

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44 thoughts on “Mini Cooper N14 Bent Valve Repair (Part 1)

  1. These aren't any more difficult than any other modern car. I didn't watch the video in extreme detail but I think I heard Eric say he's reusing oil and coolant. No. Never. There's always metal shavings in the oil especially. As much as it sucks to waste, it sucks much more to have to re-work or replace an engine.

  2. I’ve removed the down pipe a separate four occasions for different work including replacing it on my 09 R56, talk about a pita but I don’t think it’s ever been worth pulling the front end off as you’ve shown here. But I appreciate these videos. Where were you when I first got my 09 Mini. Guess I should have started a YouTube back then instead of only just recently (it’s not on my Mini though [Tech & DIYs]).

  3. I am about to take this exact project on. Same issue with the same valves on the same cylinder. Compression and leak down tests narrowed it down. I’m so glad you made this video! Thank you!

  4. I love how many people comment about how difficult removing and reinstalling the head on a Mini is and that some believe only German engines are zero clearance. To begin with Honda, VW also make and sell zero clearance engines. The biggest surprise for all the armchair mechanics, this engine is not even of German design or build, it is a French Peugeot engine.

  5. Man this is overwhelming to watch. I absolutely admire your dedication. I have an 88 crx that is a breeze to work on. My wife has a 2010 R56 and we've been through a handful of problems. Repairs are expensive! Beautiful car but nonetheless a piece of crap lol

  6. Hey how much is the cost for doing the job on that mini cooper,? I have a 09 base model mini, the car start smoking only when ac is on the mecanic say is the valve seals, but he is not shure 100%

  7. Eric you are the man. I appreciate your video so much. You thought me not to be afraid to take things a part. I did it! If works like a champ. I have one sugestión. Be careful when you clean the engine with carburador cleaner, it may ruin some seals, specially around the turbo lines. God bless you man.

  8. Hi Eric
    I’m having a similar problem with my Ram 2500 Hemi 5.7L
    I’ve heard this can be done be removing the bottom engine cover
    Is this true , what can be done ?

  9. the piece behind the intake is called a noisemaker (i believe) and it does indeed make engine noise into the cabin. you can buy deletes for it but you do need that hose running into the cabin or else you wont have any air in the cabin. Mine disconnected and it makes it seem like your blower motor went bad.

  10. i did a engine overhaul on my n14 and finished it this weekend. after 25 miles the bottom crank bolt came completely out, thank god the new supertech forged pistons has dual relief cuts no i had no valvetrain issues. i took it back apart and reinstalled the crank bolt and re torqued it. it started and seems to be fine. i did the 50nm plus 180 both times. any idea what could have caused it to back out?

  11. Mechanics are never in the wrong even though their previous repairs fail and cause further problems. Again there is no such thing as a good mechanic.

  12. I can not seem to get the VANOS actuator off, the bolt is out, it spins in the head but will not come out of the head and I don't want to ruin it by banging on it or cause any more damage. If you have any recommendations please share. Thanks,

  13. i have a 2008 mini copper s turbo automatic with no reverse lights, bulbs are good,fuses are good i do noit hink is has areverse switch???? do you think it could be the foot moudle??? help

  14. Hey Eric I know nothing about engines my mechanic said I need a valve job on my 2006 honda civic si. What should something like this cost and would that be the only thing necessary to make the engine good? It never stalled it suddenly started shaking and I had to pull over. It now has over 200.000 miles on it. I bought the car new in 06 never had any problems always kept oil changed. Would like to keep it as an extra car if I can get it to run right again. Thanks Eric!

  15. yip! As these poor vehicles has many flaws, Like a fetal alcohol syndrome born baby!! In own experience on Cooper S R56 with only 55 000 km on odometer!! little lemons i tell you! premature timing chain tensioner failure! Death rattle at 55 000 km!
    why deceive people thinking they buying a bmw quality vehicle and in fact its a Peugeot 207 engine!! HUH?? omg at bmw price! high fuel pressure pump failed twice, vacuum pump, failed..worst of the worst your money! dont buy this shit

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