Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Repair the ‘Easy’ Way

My friends 2006 Honda Odyssey’s doors weren’t working properly. Sometimes they wouldn’t close. Sometimes they wouldn’t open all the way. The most common cause of this problem is worn door rollers. This video shows how to replace those door rollers the ‘easy’ way that will take you half the time that the factory procedure would.

This video will apply to most Honda Odyssey’s up to the 4th generation. In other words, Honda Odyssey’s from 1998-2017.

Here is my older video showing the ‘proper’ procedure:

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Camera: Derek Sims

Video of real time repair of left side door:

Discussion about this video:


2006 Honda Odyssey Door Roller Assemblies

Right: 72521-SHJ-A21

Left: 72561-SHJ-A21

FreeAll Penetrating Oil:

Gorilla Glue:

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45 thoughts on “Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Repair the ‘Easy’ Way

  1. I did this exact process on my 05, now my door wont open 🙁 to be exact it sounds like it will open and tries to open for a centimeter then it closes back giving me a beeping sound. i pulled the fuse to reset the doors but it still does not open. Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Thanks for video. For my 05 with 164k…Followed your video from purchase to install. Had several yrs with troubles now back to normal and looking forward to many more comfortable miles.

  3. i have a 2003 ex odyssey driver side sliding door
    not opening on the switch on the dash board but opens automatically in the handle i try this video but still doesn’t work i tried to replace the fuel cover sensor still doesn’t work
    you can hear the motor running but wont open the door
    do you know how to diagnose the bad control module for sliding door ?

    maybe you can answer my question its giving me headache to figure out whats the problem

  4. For the tail light, I used a flat head to pry it backwards gently (from door side backwards toward tail gate) and it came out without a problem.

  5. This is for the 2012 model. Just had my motor and middle rollers replaced by HOnda for $1000k. The new motor comes with the new roller because Honda reengineered that roller. Unfortunately, it was not a campaign but a bulletin. Campaign they would have paid for it through Honda Care. If you change the roller, you most likely have to replace the motor as well along with a control module. My original problem was my cable snapped, probably because the roller was bad.

  6. My driver side sliding door will not open under power! You can open manually but when you shut it, it will latch and pull in, but then releases!
    Sensor then shows door ajar
    I think this is running battery down at night with the 40 amp fuse that controls back up/ acc
    Any ideas? 2005 honda odyssey Ls

  7. Wow.. less then 5 mins in you solved my problem. Was wondering why my sliding doors wouldn't open all the way sometimes. Its the windows being down. Thank you

  8. Thank you for this video. Because of it, I just made this repair. I’m reasonably handy but no mechanic by a long shot. You made it clear and easy and prepared me very well for it. And the part was under $20! Thank you!

  9. Hello. Great video, however, the issue I'm having is the door (driver's side) closes, but instead of that final seating, there's a loud CLUNK. The door looks closed, but put it in drive and "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" the "your door's open" alarm rings and of course, doesn't stop.

    A different problem. DO you have a video for that???


  10. This video just saved me a thousand dollars. Thanks Eric, you seem to save me at least a few hundred dollars every repair I complete with your video guidance.

  11. I forgot to mark the location of the bracket on the door. When I reinstalled, the bracket, I guessed where it needed to go. But now my door won't close all the way. It gets close, but it beeps and stops. It then won't open with the button or interior handle, only the exterior handle. Would that be caused by that bracket not being alligned properly?

  12. I really respect your approach to repairs and how you walk through them. Your sense of humor and humility make these equally entertaining and informative. I'm grateful for the effort it takes to produce these videos!

  13. Eric, I like to show my Son how to do his own Car Repairs. Confidence is a very, very little issue. I will be there with him. A dollar 💵 incentive is being offered for courage, what do you think 🤔.

  14. Wassup I got a Honda Odyssey 06 my back driver do won’t open at all but my back passenger door open but I gotta pull it open what do you thing wrong with it??

  15. the 2007 is way way easier to change, can do it in 10 mins tops and dont have the cables to deal with because they are on the bottom of the door on the inside, however the factory replacement rollers are junk, after 3 new sets in 6 months i got tired of throwing my money away, i ordered some industrial grade rollers and swapped them out, aint put another roller on in 13 years

  16. Eric, I call myself The Machine Man, for slightly askew reasons, my interest in fixing any machine! Your video here, having watched many for knowledge in the past, is affable and has human interest. An embracing presentation. Great sense of humor and ability to comment on everyday life. Do we thank your schooling or parents (tongue in cheek, haha). However, I replaced mine years ago by just replacing the small runner bushings with bearings, instead of money wasted on Honda Parts, same way as you did. I used real ball bearings for longevity, not the original bushings that Honda made it with originally. But I did have to use some epoxy as I could not get an exact inner bore match. Isnt that always the case, Porsche too! Maybe 10 years on, I hear the tell tale hiccups again, drat! I use it for business, hence lots of use. Keep it up. You get better with age!!!!!!! lol.

    I did not have the play in the back of the door, but this did solve my problem.
    I used my normal car jack, but the door fell/slipped off a few times. Oops.
    I checked the track before putting on the new part, and saw there were some rough parts where the old part must have scraped it up. So I sanded that down with some sand paper I had, I don't know if it will matter, but I hope it helps.

    The door problem is severely exacerbated by the fact that we park on a slope, so the door motor is working harder to open the door. And it would get enough resistance (I think partly from the rough track) that it would wobble back and forth as it was trying to close, which signaled the motor to stop and re-open/close. All that to say that I think smoothing any rough spots on the track may also help or be necessary. And, if we hadn't let it go so long, we wouldn't have had rough spots, because the bare metal wouldn't have scraped the track.


    Question for anyone still reading:
    1) What kind of lubricant should I use for these tracks normally? Someone said White Lithium Grease, and someone else said no because it will degrade the plastic wheels.

    2) If I just clip/remove the cable, will that make the door operate like a normal manual door? Opening the door on a hill is really hard on that motor, but turning off the motor has made it hard to open the door (although, honestly, I haven't tried it that much with the new part, so it might not be as bad)

    3) Has anyone had to do anything with the bottom track? I looked at the plastic wheels on that and they look cut in half 🙁 Is that wear or I could simply be mistaken and that's how they are supposed to be?

  18. I always enjoy watching your videos. I just bought a 2005 and I checked and the alternator is putting out at 14.3 but is there a reason other than the battery being bad why it easily goes dead? I like the way I can tell now if my doors are in good or bad condition by wiggling them. Thanks for the great video 👍

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