Honda Element & CRV Alternator Replacement With Diagnosis

This video covers the removal and replacement of an alternator on a 2004 Honda Element with a 2.4L engine. This video will apply to all Honda Elements as well as CRV’s with the 2.4L engine.

The video also covers the diagnosis of a bad alternator on these vehicles as well as validation of the repair.

If you’re looking for a complete guide to Honda 2.4L alternator replacement, this is your video.

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Camera: Brian Kast & Eric Cook

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Honda Alternator: Part #(Remanufactured): 06311-RAA-505RM

Hose pliers:

10mm T-handle:

12/14mm Long wrench:

Long 1/4″ Ratchet:–1-4-Drive-Dual-80-reg-Technology-Orange-Soft-Grip-Long-Handle-Flex-Head-Ratchet-P892716.aspx

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28 thoughts on “Honda Element & CRV Alternator Replacement With Diagnosis

  1. I always appreciate you using the term “fastener” for bolts and screws because that word applies to both. On the other hand, in this and other videos you refer to force used on a wrench as “leverage”, which is incorrect. Force applied around a central pivot in rotation is “torque” and it would be really nice if you used the correct term since these are instructional videos and you want viewers to learn valid concepts and terminology. Leverage requires a fulcrum and lever and involves single directional force as opposed to rotational torque. OK?

  2. Hey my favorite online Honda car guru! I recently bought a used 2008 Element and the battery died the first week I had it. I have since replaced it twice in the last 6 months. It seems that each time the 2 month old battery dies, a bunch of corrosion has accumulated on my positive terminal. Just last week it died again and we replaced cables and cleaned it good and today it is starting slooowly. It cranked but slooowly. Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. Alternator? Maybe the voltage regulator? I am feeling bad about this purchase. I want my '99 CRV back. 😕

  3. To me my favorite car is..not a Ferrari, not a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, not a Lamborghini, not an Alfa Romeo, not a Porche nor a Lotus.. .A honda Element is my favorite.

  4. Hey Eric I’m a mobile mechanic I emailed you a long time ago when I first started wrenching. Thanks for replying. I just installed a new alternator on that exact application. I used every single different combination of tools i have including the extras that I keep on board that were my dads for weird situations and could not get the bolt off near the fan motor. I use all professional tools and found it funny that alternator beat me. I removed the rad support and fan. Did it with lots and lots of room 😉 .

  5. Awesome video ! It helped with my wife's CR-v alternator replacement . The only thing is on the CR-v you have to remove the upper radiator support , power steering reservoir , and one cooling fan in order to carefully wiggle the alternator out to replace it .

  6. Just the good diction & proper descriptions of parts and procedures make this guy worth it…but the fact that he didn't recommend removal of half the front end is even better!

  7. As my understand that white/green wire is the signal wire from ELD. you should see flashing with the test light. but we didn't see anything on your probe .that means the alternator didn't receive the command to start work. That alternator should be good.

  8. what kind of power probe is that? i need to get one. my 2013 CRV alt died (apparently)…off to repair it Wednesday. thanks for the video!

  9. As being someone with very minimal knowledge on cars, I would love to learn mechanic work from someone like Eric. He is knowledge and seems like he'd be super chill and work with your learning curve. Great videos, Eric!

  10. Just put one in on a 2002 CRV. I took out the fan; it was a tight squeeze. Also, the 1/4 drive ratchet helped a lot on the bolts underneath.

  11. Hi Eric, Another great video. I have a 2005 Honda CRV Diesel ( UK ) my Alternator has just failed. Second one unfortunately had the last one done at the Honda dealers just over two years ago apparently it was a Bosh unit. My question is should I be able to replace the unit as you have done or is it front of the car off as the Honda dealer said when they did the original job on my UK CRV.

  12. My 2008 CR-V had a battery charge light and other dash lights due to low battery voltage. I replaced the alternator with a CARQUEST reman. This did not correct the issues. The two pins you placed into the 4 wire plug on the alternator resulted in no power on the black/ yellow wire( which I believe should have battery voltage) and battery voltage on the white/ green wire that you said should have no reading. Fuses are ok, so I disassembled he under hood fuse box and got the ELD out and matched it to the proper part. So far that's as far as I got, other work now in the way. Is there any light you can shed on the green/ white wire and why it should not have a reading? Thanks!

  13. Hey there Eric, Is there a lot more room to work on an Element than a CRV, as I've seen other video's where guys were removing many components to get at the 2005 CRV alternator…fan, wheel, the bar across the front. Some suggested removing the radiator. You only removed the reservoir and moved the power steering pump. Do you think all that is necessary on the 05? Thanks for the video.

  14. Very good, Eric. I'm getting ready to replace the Alternator on my 2001 Odyssey and I know your precautions you recamend on this Element alternator job can be headed when replacing my Odyssey Alternator.

  15. Thanks for the little heart to heart talk about making your time and effort worth while by sticking with genuine Honda Alternators.

  16. I know this is from a couple years ago and you probably won't see this, but I'll still put it out there. This will not work on a 2002-2006 crv. There is less space, the alternator connection is a bit different, and there power steering pump has the fluid RIGHT on top of it.

  17. Eric thank you so much, as a women I watch your videos so guys can't trick me when I need to fix something in the car. They are very very very helpful and easy to understand.

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