Gasket Matching Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Is gasket matching, or port matching worth it? Personally, I think so. I recently gasket matched the intake, cylinder heads, and exhaust headers on a 383 stroker and I have to say, I’m very happy with the result. The engine seems to run smoother throughout the RPM range. It also seems to pull a bit harder. I can’t say exactly how much power it was worth, but it did feel like an improvement over just bolting those parts together. I plan to do this to every engine I build going forward.

In this video I cover the tools and processes needed to perform a gasket match, or port match on your engine. This information will apply to any gasket matching situation no matter what the engine displacement or design. I hope you find the info helpful.


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38 thoughts on “Gasket Matching Tools, Tips, and Tricks

  1. You should change channel name to Sucks More Gasoline. Popular Hot Rodding, Car Crafts, and Hot Rod Magazine today is just a pamphlet last time I checked – if they even exist. It’s a dying hobby.

    Since the full service stations shut down, now they are very few speed shops, and the automotive machine shops and muffler shops are few and far between. Mufflers in the south last the life of the car. Then you junk it because it’s not worth fixing and buy another car.

    Cars have become disposable garbage.

    Internal engine work has become a thing of the past. Hot Rodding is about dead.

    A cold virus shutdown the entire country. Food water and shelter and heat! takes priority over aluminum heads 🙈

    There are fewer and fewer independent repair shops. You can make more money selling fried chicken beer and hot dogs.

  2. Grind your $1500 heads to match your $5 gasket?
    When the intake is bolted down the gasket is 0.025-0.035” thick.
    If you are going to port match anything it is the intake manifold to the head.

  3. If I could add one thing, it would be to put masking tape in or over the tapped bolt holes to keep tiny bits out of the threads. Form it into little ear plug looking pieces and put in the threaded holes. Do the same for the water passages.

  4. Did lots of work measuring with a Superflow Bench. Used to measure everything. Even ported a carburetor (not worth it). With an aggressive 427 with set of 1.88/2.19s 049s I finally watched it become a self destructive little animal on a dyno with a solid cam along time ago there was nothing to stop it from either floating out or losing airflow. (newbie on the Dyno just let it rip till it went kaboom) It pushed its power band so high up the it murdered the low end torque. (and eventually the entire top end) Under the curve is more important than max airflow IMHO. With a long stroke engine like a 383 the runner size is more important then max flow as it doesn't need as much airflow as a 3 inch stroke mouse engine to make power at a given RPM. I haven't ever ported mouse heads because I was always too busy with the porcupine heads on rats which in all honesty needed less work than mouse heads by their very design differences. Our air here is so thin here at 6000ft, velocity is more an issue than sea level where the air density is immensly better. The very most important tool when porting is Safety glasses.

  5. awesome video eric ! I have 2 spare b18 heads laying around for my Acura integra.. I want to gasket match them and maybe port and polish but I've been scared too because ive never done it.. I called 3 machine shops where I live in Mississippi and no machine shops will port and polish for me.. they say "it's too time consuming" and brush me off.. I've watched your video and I think I'm gonna give it a try ! thanks man ! stay dirty !

  6. Thanks Eric for the info. I've been watching your videos around the time you started and I have learned alot from your instructions. One of my favorite videos is the 5 series on the Chevy SUV 5.3L engine swap back in 2011. I guess cause thats the same engine I had for a long time and I'm currently rebuilding a 5.3L in my 05 Silverado. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

  7. Eric, Have a 03 Regal GS w/sunroof that opens but will not close. I'm looking for a wiring diagram to trouble shoot problem. Any suggestions U may have would really help, thank U in advance.

  8. Please improve your video thumbnail template. Your thumbnails are super cramped and hardly readable + irritating to the eye. This might actually make your video views skyrocket as well.

  9. When will you begin the foxbody, since you got it as a donor car I’ve been waiting… had my 79 for 9 years now… saw your fairmont build along the way.. but I went LS.. how is the fairmont????

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