Engine Assembly Crankshaft & Pistons #DarkMatterPikachu #FairmontProject

Engine Assembly Crankshaft & Pistons #DarkMatterPikachu #FairmontProject
Engine Assembly Crankshaft & Pistons #DarkMatterPikachu #FairmontProject

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After all the preparation of balancing, checking clearances, and painting, it’s now time to assemble my engine. In fact, this is the only part of engine assembly we were able to get on camera. Because everything else took so long, we were not able to recored the cylinder head and the rest of the assembly.

Still, there’s a ton of useful information in this video about bottom end assembly and the types of things you want to consider with a boosted application. As you’ll see in the video, you build an engine for boost very differently than you build a naturally aspirated engine.

No matter what, you’ll walk away with great information form this video and a deeper appreciation for my machine shop, Kalviantor Engines.

Thanks to Kevin Frische for his help in this video.

Previous video in the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqAr4DUqEt4

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Camera: Brian Kast

Thanks for watching!

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Piston Ring Compressor (most popular kind): https://www.jbtoolsales.com/lisle-18500-piston-ring-compressor-1-1-2-to-3-with-spring-clutch#oid=1002_1

Piston Ring Compressor (clamp type): https://www.jbtoolsales.com/gearwrench-850dd-piston-ring-compressor-set#oid=1002_1

Speed wrench: https://www.jbtoolsales.com/sk-hand-tools-45181-3-8-drive-speeder-handle-16-8#oid=1002_1

Digital torque wrench 1/2″: https://www.jbtoolsales.com/k-tool-kti72135-digital-torque-wrench-1-2-drive-25-250-ft-lbs#oid=1002_1

Digital torque wrench 3/8″: https://www.jbtoolsales.com/k-tool-kti72133-digital-torque-wrench-3-8-drive-72-teeth#oid=1002_1

ARP Moly Lube: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/arp-100-9910/overview/

Engine Assembly Lube: https://www.jbtoolsales.com/permatex-81950-engine-assembly-lube-each#oid=1002_1

WD-40 Sprayer: http://wd40.com/products/multi-use/non-aerosol/trigger-pro

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My Turbo Kit (Oil filter relocation kit at bottom of page): http://www.on3performance.com/shop/1987-93-mustang-gtcobra-5-0-foxbody-turbo-system/

Engine Details

Displacement: 363cid

The Block: http://www.pbm-erson.com/Catalog/PBM/Block%20Kits/KITSBK-29

The Crank: http://www.pbm-erson.com/Catalog/PBM/Clearance/PBM85207

The Heads: https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-6049-X302
Compression: 8.9:1

The Cam: Comp Cams custom grind: 222@.050″ 222@.050 .357″lobe lift .571″ valve lift (1.6 rocker) .351″ lobe lift .562″ valve lift (1.6 rocker) 114º separation 4ºadvance

Modified: Edelbrock Performer RPM intake

The Carburetor: https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/carburetors/demon/mighty_demon/parts/5402020BT

The Distributor: https://www.msdperformance.com/products/distributors/ford/parts/8582

The Ignition: https://www.msdperformance.com/products/ignitions/street_and_strip/parts/6462

The turbo Kit: http://www.on3performance.com/shop/1987-93-mustang-gtcobra-5-0-foxbody-turbo-system/

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44 thoughts on “Engine Assembly Crankshaft & Pistons #DarkMatterPikachu #FairmontProject

  1. Why no assembly lube on the rear lower bearing
    Ive never put a dry bearing on to a engine
    Shoundnt spin a crank till all the bearings are torqued due to bearing crush/ spread
    Always stand at the end of the engine when torquing the main so the engine doesn’t rotate in the stand like it did
    Best to use guide studs on the rods so they go in straight and not do what they did get jammed in there possibly damaging the bearing notice they didnt take it apart to inspect it oh well
    Youd never want to drag connecting rod cracked crank ends on a table like they are doing
    No big deal for cut split but i woundnt do it that is a precision fit part
    I always shake my rods after torquing to be sure there are no issues saved a engine from failure one time proven follow up i feel is important
    Other wise nice job

  2. Learned wd40 from Myvintageiron7512 I believe is his channel. Too thick of a lubricant makes the cylinder prone to glazing because the rings can’t cut through it quick enough after startup and it flashes.

  3. i would never put a half a bearing shell that is not the same and tighten up the oil clearance that is wrong that man is dead wrong to do that… i think he will never touch my engines… just ad more metal to the journal and grinded it down to correct size… but plastic is what he need to also use to see bearing crush size eric… find another builder…

  4. yes eric don't make a mistake putting a short block together… i have built many of Hundreds of racing engines and just like to build every day engines for people. because they seem to take it easy on a daily ride. you see these race engines people run the shit out of them… Haha… and put your skill as a builder to the test… Haha… i have a no problem record so far eric… just because i was a aircraft machinist for 23 years Haha… so just learn how to take your time and learn how to measure correctly and torque correctly …

  5. This was not the right video for someone who's learning about engines. Bearings, clearance, locating tabs… I understand literally none of this.😭😂

  6. Most bolts on your engine are designed to stretch. Thats probably why they didn't want you to tighten the studs more than finger tight.

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