Check Engine Light Solutions

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If your check engine light is on, it can mean several different things. The first step is to find out what the code is. If your regular mechanic is out fishing, consider stopping by your local AutoZone to get the code pulled. (Service not available in all CA stores. See Store for details). They can also provide information that may help you troubleshoot the problem. If you needed parts, you’d already be someplace where you might be able to get them.

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47 thoughts on “Check Engine Light Solutions

  1. totally auto zone to say something stupid like I'll go check out your antifreeze on a hot car let me burn myself and the customer. idiots work at auto zone told one of my customers to patch a high pressure fuel line with a fuel tank repair kit.

  2. As a ex employee I advise you to remember that Autozone is a parts retailer. So that means the staff is limited in experience in automotive repairs. Reading the code is fine and handing you a print out to take to your mechanic or giving you an idea of the problem is great. But some customers expect way to much. Be cautious on taking advice by employees. Buying parts before testing or doing further diagnostics is a waste of money but great for Autozone.

  3. This is the most ridiculous video you've made not because of that god awful fishing reel you're using but because the easiest fix for a check engine light is covering it up with duct tape. Amateur.

  4. I love autozone. Went there a bunch of times to check my service light. Still need to change my fuel injectors I think hopefully that fixes the problem

  5. Wait, so this Fix Finder service is free? This side of the pond you'll be lucky to get any change out of 70 quid just to plug that tool in, at a main dealer anyway.

  6. Ok Eric this is my OCD but, can you fix the exclamation mark that you put in the disclaimer. Right after don't panic. Lol it's too small for the font and it's driving me crazy!!

  7. Never been in any parts store that nice or helpful. Used to be an AutoZone only person, but no more since they went to cheap Chinese Duralast products. Too many failures and too long of waits to get otherwise from them.

  8. Too bad it isn't really like this. They're parts salesmen. They pull codes and send customers out with a bag of parts. then us as techs have to explain "sir, AZs code scanner is crap, you actually have 21 DTCs, replacing these 02 Sensors and a MAF MAY make it run better, but is not going to turn off that CEL"

  9. most of our customers fix the problem themselves by putting a picture of their kid or jesus over the annoying light. should work for most abs lights also

  10. love taking my car to autozone and asking for codes to be pulled on my OBD-0… the 10 minutes of plug searching by the employee is hilarious

  11. When I saw Gail lift a tire up shoulder-level and align the lug holes and put in onto a car on your lift – I fell in love. Her dry sense of humor and your way of teaching are a wonderful combo. Just watch that she doesn't steal all of your subscribers some day!

  12. this is really good info I just wish California did it. they pasted a law several years ago saying it has to be done by a certified technician. another reason to hate California.

  13. their scanners never work on my Rams. I also favor O'Reilly for this cause they don't have to go inside and plug their scan tool back into the computer to read it, just says it on the spot like a normal scan tool should

  14. Removing the lug clamp from the battery will cause the light to reset itself and go out. Simple things like gas cap on wrong can cause it to come on. Reset it and if it comes on again, THEN you know you have a problem. The battery recently ran down in my Toyota Corolla S, and after I charged it up the light came on. I removed the NEG. cable for a minute or so and everything went back to normal.

  15. Eric: Isn't that the same car you checked out for her just a very short time ago when she was going on a road trip? We all know that you wouldn't forget to check the antifreeze, so let's face it, there wasn't anything wrong. She just drained some off to have an excuse to see you again and have you check her out again, car that is. You must be stun, not to see that.   Your acting was good, but I bet you didn't catch many fish on your back lawn, LOL!Just kidding, thanks for the info.

  16. And after Auto Zone is done selling all the unnecessary parts based on a wild guess and a laundry list, the customer is going to go to a professional and complaint about paying a proper diagnostic fee because Auto Zone checked it for "free". Not realizing that they have already spent hundreds of dollars and the problem still persists. People need to understand that Auto Zone is a parts store and all they want is to sell as many parts as possible. They do not have technicians and definitely no diagnostic experience.

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