A Mechanics Guide To Maintaining Your Truck

This video gives you tips and tricks on how to make your truck last a long time and run at peak efficiency. It may also help you avoid costly repairs and increase fuel economy.

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41 thoughts on “A Mechanics Guide To Maintaining Your Truck

  1. Yea! Semi-trucks (tractor trucks) last a long time. They usually get a total engine rebuild at 500,000 miles. A driver that runs coast to coast can rack up a couple a million miles.

  2. As a mechanic that works at an independent shop in a semi rural area that sees a lot of trucks, I can say it’s very rare to see a truck more than 5 years old that isn’t run into the ground with worn chopped tires, blown suspension, leaks everything from everywhere, frames rotted in half or very close to it, no oil on the dipstick with no oil change sticker, the inspection takes 2 hours any they only approve the door latch to be repaired lol

  3. Two things you forgot. 1, grease your driveshafts if they have the zerk fittings…newer trucks might not have them because brands like to lie that their cars have less maitenance and make gimmicks like "lifetime fluids" which arent real. that leads me to number 2, replace your "lifetime fluids". For example, car brands are now making their transmissions with "lifetime" fluids, it is a lie, change the fluid at the proper interval.

  4. I personally believe the owners manuals are a little too soft on maintenance. My personal opinions are oil every 3-5k, trans every 30-60k (depending how aggressively you drive), PSF every 30k, brake fluid every 30k, diffs & t case every 30k. Never listen to claims of “lifetime” fluid and never listen to 10k oil changes. Just my 0.02 as someone who has had many trouble free high mileage vehicles.

  5. Only thing I would suggest. Prior to changing any fluids, make sure that the fill plug comes out. It would not be a good day if you drain the diff, transfer case or even your oil, then not be able to refill them. Good tips for preventative maintenance and visually inspecting for any issues which haven’t made themselves known yet.

  6. This is soo cool, finally we get to see you often which is great😍
    Really this channel must continue after soo many years of great content, this gap is just not finishing, hopefully you will keep up the pace👍🏻
    Wish you all the Best👍🏻

  7. All the preventative measures for the mechanical aspect of the truck are great, however, when they intentionally engineer the frames and bodies to rust away, that alone limits the overall longevity of having the truck.

  8. I'll be honest i use to do this for my truck and car inspect it at least once a week but now i dont as much i need to pick that habit back up

  9. I like to wash the car with undercarriage wash to get rid of winter salt and road grit eating away at brake lines gas lines and the frame in general.

  10. Speaking of lights car or truck for god sake people get your lights aligned please. So many vehicles with badly aligned lights blinding the crap out of me. I’m sick of it.

  11. If you drive a truck, get your headlights aligned, please. Those of us in cars will thank you at night instead of telling you you're #1.

  12. Great tips!!! Sharp eyes and due diligence prevails. Costs of new and used vehicles are high, so just take care of what you have. Trusted shops or dealers are the key if you can't do it yourself. At least know your vehicle!

  13. Hi Eric

    One of the thing's you missed is that some vehicles have a transmission brake drum that is either cable or rod operated, it is one part of a vehicle that is overlooked by not only owner's but equally overlooked by mechanics too.

    The transmission brake is your hand brake or emergency brake operated by a hand leaver inside the car that in most countries people don't use when they have a automatically operated gearbox vehicle, but in some case's with manual gearbox vehicles.

    Here in Britain you are taught to always use the handbrake/ emergency brake when parking or holding the vehicle on a slope to help when powering the vehicle to exit a junction or stop sign, light control or police control junction or if sitting in a flow of traffic that is not moving for any length of time to release pressure of the gearbox, clutch and flywheel / torque convertor and engine bearings.

  14. One thing I would add is, keep a maintenance record, paper or electronic, and keep it updated whenever you do anything to your vehicle, especially if you are responsible for multiple vehicles.

  15. DOT pre and post trip inspections. That brings me back to working for a tree company. I did it everyday until my manger and boss took me to their office l told me not to because I kept finding things wrong on the fleet😂
    ….I left that company a few weeks later

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