5 Things You Must Do When Installing an Automatic Transmission

When installing a new or remanufactured automatic transmission there are some things you must do to ensure the transmission lasts and will stay in warranty. I’ve put together this video outlining those things so that you can avoid a costly mistake.

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32 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Do When Installing an Automatic Transmission

  1. Glad to see you back online.
    I'd say #6, once the transmission is installed, push the torque converter fully into the transmission and make sure you've got clearance between the bolt hole flanges on the converter and the flex plate, usually .080-.100".
    If there's not any, something's not right. Find out what and fix it. See your #3 and #5.

  2. Thanks Eric. So glad you’re still staying dirty ! Hope all is going well for you. Your expertise and understanding are extremely appreciated.

  3. How often should xmsn fluid be changed? I had mine replaced about two years ago; is it necessary to go back to the place of installation for fluid changes?

  4. You missed out the mug of coffee or tea to keep the brain properly saturated and it gives you time to check what you have done and ready for the next step.

    O.k I'm a " Tea A Holic " 😀

  5. Hola Eric! Glad to see ya again!

    I have that exact transmission jack. So glad I got it. Invaluable when removing/installing a TR3650 in an '06 Mustang lemme tell ya. 45 degree spin and 30 degree tail down orientation is kind of a thing with that due to Reasons(tm). :p

  6. Man i just looking for a video of this from you when i was installing mine on my 85 S10 couple days ago and ones I watched of others on YouTube didn't really give me what I wanted like you did but I pretty much did everything like u said however I could barley get maybe…. 1 quart of fluid in the torque converter and could not figure out why but I guess it's better than nothing at all .

    Mines a stock application for transmission side . The 700r4 but 60degree style so hopefully everything should work just fine. The spacing between the flexplate and converter has me a little concerned there's a gap but what I have seen that's normal but shouldn't be to much tho however the old engine and flexplate did not have any space or that much but I also put in a New T-Q at the same time I did my engine because the old T-Q was not locking up right it would lockup to early or sometimes hit hard if going down a hill and I didn't have my foot on gas just odd .

  7. I've made the mistake of not fully seating a torque converter.

    Had to pull the 4L60 out of my mom's Caprice to do a rear main. Slipped the tc off to do a quick inspection of the front seals and gaskets on the trans. Everything's hunky dory so I put tc back on. I've done this on TH350s and ST300s before. Turned it some… clunk. Turned it some more…. clunk. Good enough.

    Went to reinstall the trans and the tc was hitting the flex plate before the bell housing was fully seated. After some cursing and head scratching and my dad asking me what's wrong, I pulled it back out. Turned the tc some more… and a third clunk. Felt like an idiot.

    "Don't tell mom."

    "Tell her what?"

    Dad and I make a good team.

  8. Installing transmissions is no longer a diy job. Might have to be programmed on 07-09 and up.

    If I didn’t have a lift and transmission jack and shop at home, it never was a good idea to install transmissions at home anyway.

    Not saying it can’t be done, but most people should avoid these types of repairs. Even on those older cars and trucks, there are rusted exhaust bolts and all sorts of issues you run into. Today transmissions have modules and are electronic controlled!

    You can install a brand new transmission in a car or truck today and if you don’t have it programmed, you’re just gone burn up your brand new transmission! They probably not going to warranty it.

    A Mechanic gets out of this industry for a few years, everything has changed – and not for the better!

  9. Really nice tips for future reference, hope you get a shop soon or do what you dream of but thanks for sharing man 🎉

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