43 thoughts on “How to Metal Etch Your Tools

  1. This guy does everything. Where does he find the time? I'm so busy sleeping that it's hard to find time to do anything like this. It's already bad enough that I get woken up by myself to get up and go take a piss. Amazing!

  2. Man, I love everything you teach us, now I'll be working on my tools tomorrow xD I bought a bunch of tools cuz I wanna be a mechanic one day 🙁 I just finished changing timing chain, valves, water pump, head gaskets etc… Thank you sir!!!

  3. Love the video, going to be doing this to some stuff, also a Gun Blu Pen would probably work better than the sharpie for color and rust prevention for longevity.

  4. I tried etching a pair of nice wire cutters with this method and they ended up corroding at the pivot point and wouldn't open easily. I had to lubricate and work the joint for a while, but could never get it to open as easily as when they were before the etching. So, I wouldn't recommend etching if you have a tool with a small tolerance joint.

  5. I work for a limo/bus company and people have been stealing the catalytic converters off our vehicles. I'm now going to etch our company name on all our vehicles cats. Thank you for the lesson!!!

  6. this is awesome, I didnt have a hammer. So I etched "hammer" onto a pair of plier and Bam…now I have a hammer. I always wanted a dog but my gf has a cat so….i think this is going to work guys…ill post the results soon!

  7. A while back I was at the store and saw 10mm sockets. I thought to myself, "I should by several of these since I can't find my other ones and I know they disappear a lot." So, I purchased four 10mm sockets. I can't find any of them any where. Seriously, they're gone. Somewhere there is a Lowe's bag with three 10mm sockets floating around in the solar system. Maybe they go where the missing socks go.

  8. Hey, just an FYI, your sockets are only hard to read because you buy cheap crap sockets… and the etching you’re doing won’t last 5 minutes in the real world. Those tools wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the real world, let alone the dodgy “etching”

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