Sick Week Day 3 – Mullet’s 3000 Horsepower Big Block Finally Blew Up… It Was a Scary Run!!!

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Sick Week started strong for McFarland Racing, but it sure did end badly!!! We tore up some engines… that’s not a cheap week of racing!

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44 thoughts on “Sick Week Day 3 – Mullet’s 3000 Horsepower Big Block Finally Blew Up… It Was a Scary Run!!!

  1. Hey man things could have been a lot worse! Thank God that it was just the engine and that spill didn’t cause a wreck. Mullet lives to drag and drive again but you should have read my comment after World Cup when I said don’t waste your time and buy the billet block!!! Probably won’t read this one but I’m sure you’re smart enough to know 5 seconds are only a few milliseconds away and I’m pretty sure that would be the first ever el Camino in the 5s sh*t it’s the first in the 6s’s but stay safe man and keep up the hard work racing is trial and error, trying to run faster and faster next thing you know you got a promod 😅 if McFarland racing is looking to sponsor a racecar I’ma need a set of double beadlock wheels for the back 15×14 😂

  2. I know it hurts, and the money outlay stings, but you still have the car. You didnt end up in the wall, you walked away from it, all in all it was the best outcome you could have had with that type of failure. We just got done rebuilding my dads road race car, or rather starting over because it ended up in the wall. I would much rather bolt a new engine in than start over with another chassis. No doubt you guys will get it running again with an SMX or something else that can hold the power you want to make.

  3. I'll be interested in see what actually failed before just jumping to an SMX deal. Most of these regulars just say SMX because that's seems to be all they know now. I think there is more to be had with keeping the car a true conventional headed BBC deal. Just my $.02….posting a comment is free!

  4. Any race engine pushed hard enough can fail. It just hurts a lot when they cost well into five figures! I'm surprised that your engines even lasted that long with all of the boost that you give them. My first race engine torched the very first time that I had pressed the nitrous button. I had to save up for a year and a a half to get it built back in the early 1980's. There were no books written about how to set up nitrous or what timing to run and no computers to record or monitor anything. It was all trial and error. I never ran nitrous again after that. No engine builder that I ever knew ever guaranteed any of their engines due to the nature of the harsh conditions that they were going to be put under. I've heard that 7.3L Ford that McFlurry had are notoriously weak engines in stock form, so you did really damned good to get that much out of it before it let go! You just found out the limits the hard way just as so many of us out here have years ago.

  5. Well if you ran it out to the max at the end of the season I'll bet that's how that lifter got messed up thinking back hey man do your thing you'll never do bad in my book shit happens that's racing you're always a stand up dude

  6. just when i thought i couldnt love Cleets channel more. in defeat it seems they are triumphant. the vibe after mullet lets go, even after they have to deal with losing records and PBs, is so humble. although no one wanted to see it end like this, Cleet and the team are so good at picking themselves up and pushing forward. you guys make a defeat look like a win and that is something special, hold on to that energy as long as you can boys

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