Phantom’s ShopTruck Rebuild! Part 2. New Engine and Teardown to Show Carnage of old motor!

Got to pick up my new X Power Racing Engines 402ci LS for ShopTruck as well as tear down the old engine to show the carnage and reason for starting over!

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29 thoughts on “Phantom’s ShopTruck Rebuild! Part 2. New Engine and Teardown to Show Carnage of old motor!

  1. We are form texas and your truck its the coolest of the channel hope someday you do a bigtire truck for the channel trucks rules bro 🤟🏻

  2. Love the truck build, I got an 04 Sierra V6 I’m swapping over to an LS with a procharger, is that a catch can you have on the PS wheel well? What is it? Shop trucks rule the streets 🤘

  3. Without you, Shawn couldn't look as good as he (you guys) look! You're doing fine. Both you guys: Please keep up the GREAT work and content.

  4. Phantom!!! Hey do you remember what cheap Chinese head studs did you used to use?? I can't spend $300 on the name brand for this motor in working on. Thanks in advance!! Keep the videos coming

  5. Dodge pickup has a AC condenser is like half of your radiator you can probably get away with get your AC back on that would be cool

  6. Dame get them guys a roll of t-paper after all the ASS kissing them guys are doing. Good Job with the channel guys, Keep up the good work !

  7. Bull horns are my favorite but yeah it's not really tru-street. Did you have an F1a or F1a-94? I'd be interested in purchasing your old head if it's the F1a-94.

  8. Did you not round up I did i call mine a 403 its .05 over ls2 block 1/2" studs and filled to the water pump. Im running summits ls pro stuff to 4" crank,rods and pistons. Say what you want about Bewley but my cam came from him morel lifters, decent comp pushrods BTR springs and trunion kit and I picked up a set of bare LSA heads that are in good shape sent them to TSP/PRC they got'em right for me decked'em a good bit ready for 1/2" studs bad ass cnc port job some decent manley valves and assembled everything for me. My local machine shop who did all my machine work assembled my short block with king bearings arp hardware in the important places lol I'm running the same oil pump a meziere electric water pump, no a/c or power steering lol at the moment I'm running a factory ls3 intake with a cable style N.W TB and Bosch 210s I run it on pump 93 on the street and e90 when its party time lol this is definitely the meanest and sadly biggest motor I've put together LoL! I'm running a Huron speed v3 single t6 kit with a few tweeks and changes its got a street Carr fab billet flange and since I'm running a Garrett gtx5591 it had to be moved a little bit im running the big air to air intercooler Huron offers but im running a meth injection setup me and a few buddys put together a while back for my race car i sold to finish my truck I picked up a gallon fuel cell a 30 dollar most plus fuel pump a regulator i already had and a n.o.s methanol solenoid and two big n.x dry fogger nozzles in the charge pipe about 4 inches from the TB and my tuner is controling it with the holley hp ecu im running i believe its on a nitrous table ramping in i can find out tho, it works damn good its better than buying a ton of ice in my opinion the air to air does just fine on the street. I sold my turbo small tire 4th gen Camaro as a roller so i reused the th400 and a PTC converter from Dusty Bradford. Im running a built factory rear end and calvert leafsprings and caltracs and relocated my double adjustable strange shocks my local chassis shop built a anti-roll bar and a bolt in chrome moly x shaped bolt in brace under the cab 4" drop out back and 2" up front with only coils and cheap calvert 3 way shocks and a 5 lug conversion from 1320. So far its been a 5.93 at 122mph on a pretty mild tune up and long ramp and 18 pounds i think need to check the log
    Im down for a grudge race when yours gets together not on the street or no prep tho lol this is my dream truck black 2003 single cab Sierra on 28×10.5w's 15×11 6 lug weld RTS s77's out back and black 17" alumastars its my baby

  9. Hey guys. Would love to see SIM bring his Dart down to meet you. He definitely needs someone with knowledge to get the car running properly.

  10. Own that sh*t man! If Shawn ain't around you're the continuity of the whole deal. Show us your truck build! Show us updates on the Chevelle! It ain't fluff or BS man. It's letting us stay involved and we appreciate what you're doing!

  11. I like these videos better than the murder Nova videos simply because I have a street turbo truck myself a 04 Sierra & soon a 408 is is going in it so this video is right in line with everything I want to do, stop selling yourself short & keep the videos coming we love em #StreetTruckFTW

  12. My grandfather has or had now I have his 1977 f-100 custom with 3 on the tree so I can drive that van for sure I could I love the 3 on the tree it is so cool but, yea I am glad i come from car people. I learned to drive that on our farm and my grand father was, well is a great man he taught me at 6 how to drive his truck he had passed when I was 8 but he is my hero for sure, I love what you guys do so I am glad you do what you do thank you

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