NPK Season 5 Race 13 Recap From Rockingham Dragway With Murder Nova!

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Recap for No Prep Kings in Rockingham!

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44 thoughts on “NPK Season 5 Race 13 Recap From Rockingham Dragway With Murder Nova!

  1. Don’t let the lazy fans bother you guys. I know what you guys go thru running around with your heads chopped off. Thanks for posting all the content it’s amazing to see what you guys go thru day to day. I wish I could be apart of your pit crew just for 1 day wrenching and racing. Friggin awesome.

  2. Keep pushing guys! You are doing awesome and that win is coming, I feel like season 6 is your time to shine. MURDER NOVA TO THE FRONT 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪

  3. its so bad ass to see Aiden and Dalton out there wrenching between rounds like that. need to keep an eye on those 2 kids, they will be contenders soon.

  4. Phantom, I really like the editing you are doing. Especially using chill music for the engine swap. Classy and totally not the head banging trend. You do good stuff, not just on the car but in your narrations, conversation, and videography. Really impressed. Highly intellectual knuckle dragger!

  5. Sorry y'all had to meet every douche in North Carolina at Rockingham…it's one of the local tracks in my area and I'm a bit embarrassed by the entitled assholes that screw it up for the good folk…try not to hold it against us…y'alls day will come and I, for one, can't wait…

  6. Absolutely loved having yall and the rest of the street outlaws here at The Rock, hopefully they'll have it on the schedule next year after they get done with repaving the track and putting in better timing systems etc. that they have planned. This with other events and the NC Motorsports Relief Fund has helped immensely in bringing this track back.

  7. For the people that don’t want to wait in the long ass line the rest of us do to meet Shawn and get an autograph like Shawn says he’s at the other end of the line and has to stand there longer than we do so quit bitching and man up. Meeting Shawn was absolutely one of the coolest things I’ve ever ever done in my 45 years on this earth. He was so humble and easy going and I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I met him like I was with a couple other drivers. I don’t know how you got that car shut down without touching a wall with absolutely zero vision at 200+ mph. I guess because you’ve got lots of passes and experience and you kept your cool and didn’t panic. Nice driving 💯. You were coming up on Kye fast for having a hurt engine. You’re getting lots more use out of those engines compared to last year and in case you didn’t see my comment the other day Happy belated birthday. You’re so old they’re putting BC with your birth year lol. That was a super funny podcast 😂

  8. Seems like the only reason to go and film is to sign autographs… Because the racing is mainly just losing and putting the car back on the trailer.
    NPK sucks. Miss the old shit

  9. Shawn, your entire team was fantastic. We truly appreciate what you do and the time you can spend with we fans. Sorry for the douchebags, but definitely glad you recognize that too. Rockingham was the first NPK event my wife and I attended and enjoyed every minute. God bless you and the team. Good luck at Megacash days.

  10. I can't say what I think of those people who "jump line " aka staging lane hores, make me sick. I'd love to just say hi but I respect your space. I'll wait in line all weekend and thank y'all for your time. Thanks for taking us along.

  11. I drove from Florida to this race and it was such a disappointment. I went to South Georgia last year and it was great, this race was just WAYYYY to packed. I got ultra fan both days and Saturday couldn't even find a seat and I got there 3 hours early. The racers and racing was great. The Venue was just over sold and horrible

  12. sorry to hear about the motor. get em next time …. i am a big fan i may never get to meet you guys in person but thats ok . i like watching the shows from OHIO…

  13. I can’t believe people come up in the waiting lane’s asking for autographs 🤦🏻‍♂️ gtfoh it’s work time and like Shawn said it could be the last trip they make!the cheek of some people man!for your own safety because you two are big tv celebrity’s 😉 they should have security around the waiting lane’s 🥸

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