My Lawyer Made Me Change The Name Of This Episode So I Wouldn’t Get Sued.

In today’s episode i’m doing my best to explain why the fastback mustang body swap project is over. Stick with us guys, we’re coming back 10 times stronger!

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48 thoughts on “My Lawyer Made Me Change The Name Of This Episode So I Wouldn’t Get Sued.

  1. The ridiculous nature of copyright law in this specific case is baffling. In all likelihood, he would've been absolutely fine had he never uttered the word "Eleanor" in one of the monetized build videos of this specific car. It could've been an almost perfect replica but had he used the word "Ellie" instead of Eleanor, this may have never happened. Totally ridiculous. Also, if the car started as a 2015 Mustang, then the chassis and vin are of a 2015 mustang, which has nothing to do with any of the cars in this movie franchise, just the name Eleanor. A simple cease and desist would've been appropriate but it seems Denise wasn't trying to be appropriate, she was trying to make some free money, hence why her estate waited until the car was practically done before she served him with papers.

    Honestly, this was only a problem because the videos were monetized obviously but I think a better lawyer and the means to fight this may have gotten a different outcome on 1st amendment grounds even, let alone fair use copyright law. It's freedom of expression, freedom of speech regarding a publicly known entity. A fucking name. Oh well. I just found out about this and I agree, complete and total bullshit. The car should've never been taken. A cease and desist, maybe even an apology to save some face, should've been enough.

  2. So you mean to tell me they took yo car you should fight that and remind them that car is a mustang a car made by ford you stupid ass hell for giving them to car wtf really

  3. Why isnt there a country wide group dedicated to steal all of the stolen mustang builds from those thieves and give them back to the rightful owners?

  4. Petition to get every single mustang owner/builder who tried to do this and rename their modified mustang to "FUKLENOR" as a clear middle finger back.

  5. Everyone should leave negative reviews everywhere for 'Gone in 60 seconds' . You've done all the hard work only for these scumbags to ruin everything.

  6. While I think the whole lawsuit/seizing cars bullshit is just that, it's ironic that she sued Carroll Shelby. Shelby did the same thing with the Cobra name. He has never enforced his copyright then asked those who were using it on any automotive related product to make a donation to "heart research" (I don't recall the actual name of the fund). Only ONE of the manufacturers that he wrote to, wrote back and that one told him to F off. So Shelby sued and won. Then, he gets sued for doing basically the same thing.

  7. That's what those certain kinds of people that hold power in Hollywood and media do. We really would be better off without them. Only sucks that those people are now destroying YouTube and other alternative media. They always seem to be able to slither their way to control

  8. The irony is that the movies "directed and produced" by Denice Shakarian Halicki (Hack for short), are such duds that the only way they can make money is by sueing other people.

  9. So what about the Dukes of Hazard cars, Knight riders? Everyone use to make replicas, That's insane. During Woodward dream cruise there's a ton of Elenaor's cruising. Will you ever get your car back? you should be able to get it back and modify it so it doesn't look like it at least.

  10. Aside from having such a terrible storyline, at least Fast & Furious are good enough to let their fans do replicate any cars in the movie. Eleanor on the other hand, unexplainable.

  11. Builds gone in 60 seconds mustang on a game Me: logs into game 3 days later to see that my car's wrap is gone and has text saying (Removed for copyright). if this ever could happen, then i probably would just start laughing about it.

  12. damn man, really wanted to see that thing on the track! I'm so sorry about hearing this! so amazing what you guys do though! glad you're staying positive about it.

  13. What company owns the Elenore copyright? We need to do a stock dump to set them bastards straight like the hedge fund guys.

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