FINED $180,000 for Modifying Cars?! (1320Stories Ep.8)

FINED 0,000 for Modifying Cars?! (1320Stories Ep.8)
FINED 0,000 for Modifying Cars?! (1320Stories Ep.8)

People like Brent at PFI Speed are the heart and soul of the sport of racing we love so much. He pours everything he has into it and now his kids take part along side him. Unfortunately in 2020, Brent received a letter from the EPA. They fined him $180,000 and want him to stop modifying vehicles. It’s an ongoing battle that Brent tells in much greater detail in the video.

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43 thoughts on “FINED $180,000 for Modifying Cars?! (1320Stories Ep.8)

  1. Cars like the Tesla Plaid and Remac are luring us speedheads, but in the end we will be left with electric cars that won't even peel out, speed, or take a tune. Look at the Hyundai Ioniq (full electric) less than 200hp. You can't turn traction control off even peel out. Its a slow erosion of our liberties and and attempt to make us sheep. HELLCATS FOREVER

  2. I love my country but it kills me that this is what the government is worried about, not fentanyl and homelessness and out of control rent….the EPA is such a joke, literally a complete waste of money. They need to be checked.

  3. A cargo ship going from Australia to America allegedly pollutes as much as 1 million cars BUT they going after car owners!

  4. Didn’t the epa tell the Ohio town of east Palestine that when that train derailed it was ok to set fire to the multiple (TANKER) cars full of toxic chemicals and I’m sure a lot of diesel and just burn off tons of shit just to get the track open again because the clean up would have been to long and expensive the town was then swiftly forgotten and not talked about they Fd them in the bum and didn’t even buy them dinner u prob pissed off someone that was well connected and they are just trying to shut u down now glad your fighting back it’s sad the people that are supposed to be protecting our environment are now doing this to make money not help the planet this is y people hate the government

  5. Without the love for race cars and the smell of race gas, the friends we meet along the way, who know what most of us would find for fun. This sport kept a lot of people out of jail, and off drugs. This do more good than harm 💪🏾🙏

  6. 10-15 years from now we are gonna see a movie Blood Diamond-esk about the lithium mining and how it’s been done by poor ppl and children. The race community’s aren’t causing nearly any of the problem, emissions and all.

  7. All these three letter agencies are just strong arms of the corrupt system we live in. If we don't push back against this bullshit, it won't go away. I for one will not allow this shit to happen to the future of this sport.

  8. Yeah I got a warrant and everything for him I’ve came seen him a few times driving this Lamborghini G35 on the street yeah I can write it out

  9. I wear my PFI RPM act T-shirt everywhere I go. I live in California I want people to be curious about it. Just wearing the shirt makes people google what it's about, everything helps. Thanks 1320 and stay strong PFI!

  10. I feel so bad for you and many others you're such a great guy I could tell how genuine you are that's why I love your content. Not only do you expire so many to make their cars go fast but you also Inspire Fellers like me be kind and encouraging to others keep up the good fight I've got your back

  11. He said: “I didn’t make the ECU’s, I just sold them.”

    Wonder if that excuse would for drug dealers? You know, cause they didn’t make the coke, they just sell it….

  12. Some one needs to bring the epa to court . There is nothing else you buy once you own you can't do what you want with it. Think about that you buy something and you can't do what you want with it. That's not capitismn. That's what our country was built on.

  13. Our federal government is pushing through legislation that hinders automotive culture under the guise of infrastructure and clean energy. Vote liberals out of office or we are doomed. Sent emails to my senator here in Washington.

  14. This one was a tough watch because it's the sad truth. And there isn't much us racers/race lovers can do about it. It's just the sad reality of what the government and certain associations want, and the really unfortunate part (in my opinion coming from a 14-year-old) my generation finds little interest in cars and racing and I'm just hoping something changes that because I want my kids to be able to explore the possibilities when it comes to Motorsports. that's just my take on the situation and I'd love to hear some other perspectives from kids my age.

  15. Here's hoping that the Supreme court corrects the wrongs of the gov't with Loper Bright Enterprises v Raimondo attacking Chevron Deference. Defang the NOAA, EPA, ATF, etc….

  16. This is the exact same thing the Obama administration thought they were going to do to Volkswagen when they vilified them. They thought they were going to coerce them out of their technology so they could turn around and put it into the American companies they have their interest invested. GM, mainly, and the development of the latest family duramax diesels. They already put the kybosh on the 4 valve after market conversion technology (for almost all domestic early model overhead valve engines, as well as some foreign). Making one of the top developers in thats, a villain for not fulfilling his prepaid orders and claiming all of his intellectual property, since he had government contracts, that allowed them ax any further development.
    This is dangerous game, for sure. And that's all it is for them, they have their trolls, willing and compliant. Who believe they are fighting the good fight.
    Don't be surprised to see everything you guys are doing shows up in the factory aftermarket performance offerings. Just like circle track racing. The political machine is just looking for a way to 'legally', funnel money into their own pocket and tend to their own best interests.

  17. Brent is the definition of car guy! Ans so many of us stand with him. My fiancé introducted me to boosted bois back in2015 and we’ve watched ever since. He already had a Honda and I bought an EG civic as well same base color green 5 speed. Ans had no idea how to drive it his mom taught me. Had some of the best times in that can’t wait to work on it soon ❤
    Absolutely stand behind Brent this is some BULL.

  18. thanks for making this video.
    ive seen many diesel shops around me get shut down for the same issues. we need to find away to stand up to the EPA and not let them bully folks like this.

    honestly if i got Brents letter i would have thought it was a scam. asking for a little money now or be stuck with a huge fine later that is the exact kind of talk that scammers use to scare people into paying. its almost like the EPA is a scam.

    mostly just rambling i just wanted to post a comment to boost engagement so youtube pushes this video to more people.

  19. The people tuning and modifying cars aren’t even a drop in the bucket in the realm of pollution. Restoring and maintaining classics is MUCH better for the environment than churning out millions of disposable EV’s. These agendas are asinine.

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