Copart Contacted Me About My Nightmare Auction Porsche…

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Well I thought I was in a really tough spot on the old Turbo S, but Copart reached out and is willing to take the car back… I can’t afford to fix the car in this condition so I’m going to let them have it.

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45 thoughts on “Copart Contacted Me About My Nightmare Auction Porsche…

  1. I really was going to keep her but $40-50k to try and get it just running and driving is too much. Honorable of Copart to take it back. Hopefully this prevents situations like this in the future.

  2. That Porsche power assembly got smacked hard. First time seeing that much engine / trans. damage. Interesting how the front of car looks straight. Had to get hit in the back. 😂

  3. I was totally thinking that last video is going to hit their sales big time when people see how bad you got ripped off. I can see they thought the same thing and took action. Good on them even though it took the pressure of the Cleetus youtube channel.

  4. ill be honest the title for 2.4 hours of le mullets is confusing as hell. your gonna need to explain it to the newer viewers. Like is it 2.4 hours of just madness and stuff or is it like 2.4 hour long race is the whole event 2.4 hours???????? and wtf is a le mullet? Is that the nickname of crown vics or something?

  5. So glad to hear you decided to take it back that car would have cost you over a hundred grand to get it back running normal not worth it good job Garrett 👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Might I suggest that for the burnout pit at your next event that you move the concrete back and replace the inside walls with softer barriers? It's pretty wasteful for so many cars to get destroyed foir nothing.

  7. You are the only person Copart would refund!
    You have a little more influence than the average buyer.
    That’s sad.
    And the fact that they advertised it as running and driving, knowing that it didn’t is real bullshit!

  8. Now would be as good a time as any to venture into the EV drag scene. How cool would it be to have a fully built EV Porsche in the lineup?
    I could go for a mcflurry now haha.

  9. Makes me sad that as a fellow tall guy, you dont have any tall size shirts/jackets on your site… would love to buy a hoodie or something but it wouldn't fit after one wash sadly…

  10. McFlurries huh? That wouldn't happen to be a subtle nod to the next video would it? You know we're all dying to see that Foxbody in action!

  11. This is classic Copart. Good luck if you have a title issue from them filling out information incorrectly. The fees they charge are ridiculous. 15 % buy fees , gate fees , internet buy fees, storage fees, etc. You would think you would have great service, it’s like going to the DMV they do not care. Buyer beware. If your not a famous YouTuber and have an issue…good luck!

  12. Yeah, if not for millions of "car guy" viewers and nearly a million views per video …. they would have told you like all the others they screwed over ….. "as is sucker!!"

  13. Fact of the matter is if anyone else had this happen to them, Copart wouldn't give a damn.

    They only care because of the serious damage Cleetus' following could do to Copart if they don't make it right.

    Don't think for a second that this is something that they would do for peasants like us.

  14. Thank you for getting ice cream in mullet. I read that comment too, it’s nice to see you are normal like us once again , thank you cleetus

  15. Copart sucks dude. No excuses for putting that out there as a run and drive, it was intentional and they normally tell customers to pound sand after they screw them. They were extracting maximum value out of a vehicle that was worth virtually nothing, and either hoping that it was an overseas buyer or someone that wouldn't fight too hard. 3,000,000 car nut subscribers that might suddenly decide that Copart is a joke is the only reason they were so gracious….this time.

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