A night PACKED full of STREET RACES (600-1200hp Street Cars)

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It’s been awhile since we’ve had a night like this on the streets. Back to back races, non-stop, and over with in a jif. 600hp up to 1200hp cars made for some CLOSE races. With imports, domestics, bikes, and a cage car, this night had everything!

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43 thoughts on “A night PACKED full of STREET RACES (600-1200hp Street Cars)

  1. 1320 camera night vision is pretty impressive when you see what a phone's camera makes of it. M5 guy pushes foot to floor, Civic guy is running a steam locomotive of complexity inside to make a pull.

  2. You were not in Mexico you were in Omaha Nebraska I even pause the video W. Center road the first national bank building on dodge Street come on now I'm from Omaha originally

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  4. Notice how only disposable car's do this ondy street. Never older ride's that can't be replaced.
    GTO pulled you in every gear. Not even close if he knew how to shift

  5. How did you manage to get into the slowest cars for over half the video??????? I had a GTO But it was only the first gen and worn out, Abused at 74K miles. I had to dispose of that thing. It was Fast when it ran. Good riddance. I'm still looking for a sponsor for my 200SX. I'm the marketing business yet still can't find one. I guess everyone is thinking about a 3rd world war and everyone starving. No food, No fuel, Chinese goods that fill our stores are already going away. We will have to be like the settlers. Start over and hope that Russia don't hit our crusted over un-fixable power grid. Our Lack of Government allowed this to happen. Well along with the greed of the American business person. We are a country of GIVE ME NOW. I'LL Pay for it With Credit or a greedy sponsor. Our way of life is GONE. Yeah Titanium pie cuts are amazing. Can you eat them? Can your family? Fast cars are great. I love them. If fast means I escape being killed for the watch on my wrist yeah I hope it's 4X4 and armored with run flats on them so I can get to my safe house to regroup! Reload, patch up the armor and do it again. I love all people. But I was once asked whom if any state if you had control would be gone first. You have 40 seconds sir!!!!! I would flip a coin between New York and California. Keep in mind!!! This is not by choice. I don't want anyone hurt. But if the missiles were already to go and I couldn't stop it………. Well……… The bottom line is get back to reality. We are a few steps from WW3. I want to win it. But with the less amount of our own gone. Will I fight? I'm already there. Broken back, High BP, Matters not! Save America and save my Family and with yalls help save your own!!!!!!!

  6. I'd much rather see stuff like this than $100k cars owned by rich kids with big mouths. This is what racing is about. Casual, good times, fast cars and everyone just getting along. No money thrown down and having people interpret the rules in a however it may benefit them in a race. Just pure street. It's what got me into the car scene and what I can relate to.

  7. A few years ago, if somebody told me they were running 1000-1500HP out of a Honda 4 cylinder less than 3 liters… I would have died laughing, but these days you gotta be crazy to line up against any of them little 4 bangers cause it’s gonna smoke your big block by a 🚂 and look like they weren’t even trying!! 🤯 that’s awesome

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